Koverse Introduces Zero Trust Data Platform

Koverse Introduces Zero Trust Data Platform (1)

Koverse Data Platform (KDP), has launched a new zero trust data platform, dubbed version 4.0. The key elements are zero trust at the data level and Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC). The latest version introduces almost everything that is fundamentally same to the platform, but concentrates on making it more accessible to more users.

The new version also adds new out-of-the-box tools for ABAC. Aaron Cordova, CTO and cofounder at SAIC-owned Koverse said “This is a new cloud-centric and flexible method of deployment.” With micro services, customers can be more cost-efficient with their use of hardware locally or via cloud services such as Elastic Cloud.”

The company claims that KDP uses ABAC to provide zero trust access to data, but also provides rapid ingestion, indexing storage and security for all types of data.

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