‘PseudoManuscrypt’ Mass Spyware Campaign Targets 35K Systems

‘PseudoManuscrypt’ Mass Spyware Campaign Targets 35K Systems

Researchers have tracked a new spyware – called “PseudoManuscrypt” because it resembles “Manuscrypt” malware from the Lazarus advanced persistent threat (APT) group – which has tried to spy on more than 35,000 targeted computers in 195 countries.

Kasersky researchers said in a report on Thursday from January 20 to November 10, the actors who led the massive campaign were looking at government agencies and industrial control systems (ICS) in all industries, including engineering, transformation, energy, manufacturing, construction, resources and water management. At least 7.2 percent of all compromised computers are part of ICS, researchers said.

Manuscrypt, aka NukeSped, is a family of malware tools used in spy campaigns in the past. One such case was a February crackdown on cybercrime linked to Lazarus – a successful North Korean APT – that used the Manuscrypt ‘family tools’ ThreatNeedle’ to attack security companies.

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