Shadowserver Starts Conducting internet Scans

Shadowserver Starts Conducting internet Scans-01

The Shadowserver Foundation this week announced that it has begun conducting daily internet scans in an effort to identify discriminated industrial control systems (ICS) and to help organizations reduce their exposure to attacks.

The cybersecurity non-profit organization is scanning the web to detect deployed applications using Modbus industrial communications protocol at TCP port 502, but Piotr Kijewski of Shadowserver told SecurityWeek that they plan to launch more ICS protocol scanners and technologies. (OT) soon.

Shadowserver has been working with national cybersecurity agencies, law enforcement agencies, private companies and security researchers around the world to provide free information that defenders can use to reduce risk, detect malicious activity, and counter threats. The organization describes itself as the world’s largest provider of free online public domain data supply services.

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