Threat Actors Spread ‘Eternity’ Malware-as-a-Service Using Telegram

Threat Actors Spread 'Eternity' Malware-as-a-Service Using Telegram

Researchers discovered that cybercriminals are advertising a new, modular malware-as-a-service offering that lets would-be attackers choose from a cornucopia of threats via a Telegram channel with over 500 followers.

According to researchers from security firm Cyble, the new malware service, nicknamed the Eternity Project by the threat actors behind it, allows cybercriminals to target potential victims with a personalized threat offering based on specific modules they may buy for costs ranging from 90 USD to 490 USD.

According to the report, the modules include a stealer, clipper, worm, miner, and ransomware, depending on the type of assault a threat actor wants to mount. The project’s developers are also working on a future module that would provide Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) bots.

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