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Enterprises Leverage AI to Secure Sensitive Data

“Enterprises should implement unified and cohesive data protection policies across their various environments—whether in the cloud or on-premises—that can follow the data regardless of...
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Enterprises Should Focus on Data Privacy and Data Intelligence

It is believed that more access to data makes systems smarter and more intelligent. However, this may not always be true. When businesses start...
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Ensuring Privacy Compliances Needs To Be Meaningful, Not Just Cosmetic

“Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of people with a smartphone but without a bank account will be using mobile access to a currency...
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Audience Focused Identity Should be the Central Interest for Digital Marketers

2020 is slated to be the year for advanced privacy policies focusing on people-centric identity. Digital marketers need to incorporate a notion of customer-focused identity...
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C-Suite Executives – Four Challenges to Look Out For in 2020

C-suite executives will need to cross several hurdles, ranging from privacy concerns to a lack of skilled workforce in 2020 In 2020, tech leaders will...
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KPMG Survey – AI Adoption Higher in Healthcare Industry

KPMG survey has revealed that 53% of healthcare executives believe the healthcare industry is ahead of most other sectors in the adoption of artificial...

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