3 Key Strategies to Advance Communication Surveillance System


One of the most crucial functions in any regulated company is monitoring for compliance, but the work has grown much more difficult as a result of these techniques that helped many businesses endure the digital communications era

Compliance teams can find more complex and subtle indicators of misconduct by using behavioral surveillance of communications to build profiles of activity over time. These deep-learning algorithms let businesses to spot patterns that are imperceptible to the human eye and alert to potential crime before it becomes a serious breach.

Businesses that use these methods and resources can better safeguard their company against risk of misconduct and communications by following strategies to advance communication surveillance system-

Single and Modern Platform

Having a single communication system for internal communication in an organization works as a communication surveillance system. Funneling both structured and unstructured data into one place helps businesses by presenting a more transparent view of what employees experience or feel. For this, Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms can be used to identify patterns to find the suspected or actual misconduct through behavior deviations as evidenced in employee interactions.

Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO at Yseop says-

“The integration of AI and Natural Language Generation (NLG) in the business setting is rapidly growing. As the tech advances, AI is empowering professionals to work more efficiently and liberate themselves from monotonous, repetitive tasks.”

This is a significant step toward shoring up holes in communication surveillance system coverage that might have developed as more chat channels appear. With the disruptive communication channels and patterns, businesses need to add a surveillance system that is capable of covering all the chat platforms such as phone calls, text, email, etc.

Focus on Noise

Businesses can leverage tools that can help them with control over the analysis parameters allowing them to identify only suspicious scenarios. Having filtered out the junk, the communication surveillance system will then present the relevant information for review which decrease the alert numbers and prevent repetitive work while ensuring all the content is monitored.

Emmanuel further added- “Figuring out what your company would need to integrate AI for, is an important step. Instead of focusing so much time on tedious tasks like data collection and analysis, NLG-empowered AI is able to cut the time of those processes and leave more time for creative and strategic projects in the future to create a more efficient business.”

The AI-based algorithms scan all the attachments in emails which is important for businesses as email signatures, server stamps, confidentiality footers, and other repeated content increases the fake alerting and overload the legacy systems. Companies have to install communication surveillance systems strategically, as references to the different types of misconduct in confidentiality footers are notorious for triggering false facts.

AI-powered Communication Surveillance

Businesses can secure their communication channels, a best-in-class solution is a must-have strategy to keep up with this changing regulatory environment while offering a transparent, defensible reviewing experience for compliance teams. By leveraging an AI-powered Communication Surveillance system for text cleansing, the teams can use the conversation thread to ignore irrelevant content and emphasize more on real risk.

Operation & Maintenance

Businesses are required to design routines and systems well and maintain the requirement. They must be conscious of the upgrades in the network and the latest versions to ensure the safety and security of the communication channels. On the other side, operators must manage system upgrades without compromising the communication surveillance system in a live network. Businesses can manage data privacy in a hybrid network by adding a mission-critical service operator approach to the system.

Information security

Being an important part of security, businesses need to ensure that the encryption keys are administered in the safest possible way. As losing confidential information is a risk related to data inside users’ devices it is more important for businesses to safeguard these data with more confidentiality and integrity.

Physical security

In order to expand communication surveillance system, businesses are required to ensure that the critical network elements need to be protected against the normal rigors of nature, exceptional environment circumstances along with physical attack.

Network Architecture

As significant portion of network security is decided during the planning stage, when the setup and topology of the network are chosen, and even earlier, when the system software is created. Therefore, businesses must include security for hardware servers and base stations with adequate redundancy in their communication security strategy. They must ensure that the communication networks have enough bandwidth to serve their customers.

A communication network security relies on a wide range of measures and not just only on the availability or end-to-end encryption. Therefore, these strategies will help make communication surveillance system stronger to secure business communications.

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