Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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ANDY Green

Combating Ransomware Attacks with Innovative Strategies

    “A fully security-aware workforce would be is the key to resolving the privacy and security challenges enterprises are facing today,” says Andy Green, CISO,...

Confronting the Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services

  “No organization can protect the data that it can’t see, so solutions that provide data visibility and control become an essential investment. They also...

Tackling the Legacy Firewall challenges

    “The first step is to understand that firewalls have significant limitations in the modern world (cramping agility) and have anyway been made almost redundant...
James Beecham

The Significance of Data Security in the New Normal

  “As the enterprise embraces the broader market opportunity around the cloud and an increasingly distributed workforce, they need to rethink their entire approach toward...

Notorious Malware Threat Emotet Returns with Windows Update Trickery

  “Emotet has emerged to be one of the more successful groups offering malware-as-a-service. We have seen Emotet forming different threat partnerships with different cyber-crime...

Tackling the Ransomware Attacks and the Measures to Prevent Them

  “Enterprises need to have a heightened awareness of the many security vulnerabilities that exist today. Companies should set schedules, routinely update systems, and apply...
joseph _ terence-01-01

The Rise in Cybersecurity Investment amidst COVID-19

Dialogue between Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Terrence Jackson, CISO, Thycotic “A CISO who can think like a hacker will know the best technologies...
Morten Brogger CEO at Wire

Addressing the Privacy Concerns of Collaboration Platforms

“Many employees are now working on unprotected home networks and possibly using devices or software that are not IT sanctioned, creating an extra opportunity...

The Evolving Cyber Risks and Vulnerabilities in the Healthcare Industry

  "Cyber-attacks in the healthcare space are nothing new. As an industry, healthcare has always been a hot target for cybercriminals," says Bill Horne, CTO,...
mieng lim

Vulnerability Management – Addressing the Need and the Challenges

      “The ultimate goal is to shrink the attack surface, and the key is prioritization,” says Mieng Lim, VP of product management at Digital Defense,...

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