Friday, February 26, 2021
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Enterprises Leverage AI to Secure Sensitive Data

  “Enterprises should implement unified and cohesive data protection policies across their various environments—whether in the cloud or on-premises—that can follow the data regardless of...

The Need for Safeguarding IT Infrastructure in the New Normal

  “A highly secure digital enterprise instills confidence and trust in customers, which in turn drives business and hence revenues,” Aiyappan Pillai, IEEE Senior Member...

Leveraging Data for Tackling Today’s Enterprise Challenges

  “By ensuring that the enterprise has the appropriate skills, advice and guidance embedded within its governance, risk management and operational business practices,  the objectives...
sanjay raja

Striving against Cyber-attacks with Effective Security Management Solutions

  “Enterprises cannot get in front of their risk and patch effectively when they are always behind in getting their critical and most at-risk assets...

Protecting wireless protocols from data breach

  “Deploying RF technology and leveraging existing best breed security tools, such as network systems, SIEMS, MDMs, and incident response systems, equips security teams with...

How Adaptive Applications Can Reduce the Potential Risks Growing Cyberattacks

  "…A huge number of data breaches in the last decade have made it possible for nearly any cybercriminal in the world to take over...
chris hickman

Lessons learned from Public Key Infrastructure

  “PKI has emerged as a vital tool to maintain security in today's connected world. The proliferation of IoT and its rapid adoption in organizations...

Maintaining Customers’ Trust over IP

  “There's never been a trust layer on the internet. Customers want to trust and/or verify who is on the other end of the connection...
ANDY Green

Combating Ransomware Attacks with Innovative Strategies

    “A fully security-aware workforce would be is the key to resolving the privacy and security challenges enterprises are facing today,” says Andy Green, CISO,...

Confronting the Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services

  “No organization can protect the data that it can’t see, so solutions that provide data visibility and control become an essential investment. They also...

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