AI-based Full-Suite Security will be in Top Demand in 2022

AI-based full-suite security will be in Top demand in 2022
Ransomware in 2021 became a part of normal conversation like current socio-political affairs. Remote working teams were facing a barrage of security issues and cyber-attacks became more commonplace in the last two years. Media also reported more cyber-attacks than ever before, making it a reality for everyone, not just cyber and IT professionals

According to Check Point’s ‘Malware Infection Often Starts with a Document’ report, over 70% of malicious email attachments or links were sent through PDF or Microsoft Office in 2021. All these files interact daily are vectors to start significant attacks.

Following the increased ransomware incidents, enterprises need to work much harder to improve their defences. About 51% of advanced phishing threats can be controlled and even stopped by tools that leverage both AI and Machine Learning.

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Clearly, this underlines the importance of robust security measures. Most forward looking CISOs agree that Artificial Intelligence is very critical to develop strong security solutions. The development of strong security tools becomes more effective when AI is trained on rich data from the most sophisticated attacks. A well-trained AI can identify the patterns in data even if the human eye misses it. While combining powerful AI with malware-detecting tools, CISOs will be in a good situation to fight the ransomware incidents in their organizations. 

A complete antivirus suite is needed to protect enterprises from any cyber-attacks. This also includes sandboxing, antivirus, and Content Disarm & Reconstruction. In phishing and ransomware, malicious files can be powerful weapons. 

Receiving and forwarding a malicious file can wreak havoc on any organization. AI Solution that can detect and prevent ransomware embedded files can instantly remove any executable content. This examines and cleanses the file and removes any risky active content, ensuring in real time that only a clean file is delivered.

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Other than protecting email inboxes, protecting the entire cloud environment is crucial. Scanning every file and message for malware and ransomware is the best defence organizations have against this looming threat. By examining the entire cloud environment, every message, every file, every malware application, CISOs ensure that dangerous zero-day malware attacks never enter their organization’s ecosystem.

In 2021 there were many high-profile ransomware attacks such as Kaseya and Colonial Pipeline. In 2022 this may become worse, and organizations that take the correct steps to protect themselves better will be in good shape for the upcoming year.

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