Choosing the Right Network Monitoring Solution for Enterprises

Choosing the Right Network Monitoring Solution for Enterprises-01

In the current environment of technically-complex security threats, a network monitoring software can be the first and the best line of defense. An ideal network monitoring solution can provide complete visibility on systems, network devices, and applications. It can alert enterprises to potential security threats before they cause devastating downtime.

Enterprises need to regularly monitor their network for any emerging issues or threats, and also respond on time to ensure that the problem does not interfere with their productivity. But, in this age of growing networks and shrinking budgets, it’s a challenging task which is not easy to handle manually all the time. Enterprises can partner with IT monitoring software solutions that can detect any anomalous activity on the network and quickly send out alerts.

When selecting a network monitoring solution, enterprises need to think about multiple factors. But selecting the right kind of monitoring tools catering to their specific needs can be challenging. The market abounds with many varieties – hosted or on-premise, open-source or closed, paid or free, and more.

Setting Preferences

First and foremost, enterprises should ask themselves if they need to spend money on monitoring tools or they can manage with open-source network monitoring solutions that are free. However, free performance monitoring tools have limited features, so enterprises will need to run multiple IT monitoring tools to get full functionality, and this can complicate maintenance and configuration in the long run.

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In the case of something as crucial as the network, CISOs suggest opting for a single paid product which has all the important features. With all services, applications, and devices monitored from a single interface, it’s easier to find and fix issues quickly.

It’s advisable to go for a solution where enterprises can easily customize the main dashboard. Also, look for IT infrastructure monitoring solutions that come with real-time alerting features.

Usability and Scalability

Ease of implementation is important, but usability is a much bigger factor in determining the suitability of a performance monitoring solution. The key purpose of a network monitoring solution is to allow decision-makers to focus on crucial business activities by reducing the time it takes to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve a network issue. Therefore, organizations can get more value from a solution which is easy to use and also gives real-time, actionable reports.

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Moreover software that has a complex interface and is hard to use can negatively impact the user experience. It can slow down productivity and make it difficult to scale the monitoring capabilities. When choosing a network monitoring solution, it’s important to select something that can provide a good balance between affordability, functionality and user experience.


Even though data encryption is a new concern in network monitoring, it’s particularly crucial for industries such as finance and retail, which have compliance requirements. Cyber criminals always look for vulnerable paths to exploit and the IT monitoring solution could provide an easy entry into the network.

The compliance standards such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA are very rigorous and organizations could be exposed to penalties in case of non-compliance. Therefore, it’s crucial to opt for a network monitoring solution that adheres to compliance requirements from the get-go.

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