Cybercrime is all Set to Scale New Heights in 2021

Cybercrime is all Set to Scale New Heights in 2021

The pandemic has unleashed a modern era of change for businesses. With an exhausted remote workforce that still needs to be well protected, cybercrime will likely be an even major problem in the coming months.

Businesses failing to identify and address the emerging threats will be in jeopardy from a new wave of cyber-attacks and data breaches. According to a CSIS report, cybercrime ran rampant in 2020, with global costs escalating as high as $1 trillion. However, disaster can be prevented with the right move at the right time. By aligning security efforts in line with business objectives, redesigning infrastructure, and protecting the edge, companies can build resilience and design a roadmap to future success.

Cyber-criminals are flourishing

As the pandemic precipitates a rapid acceleration of remote working, the possible attack surface for cyber-criminals has increased enormously. This has forced people to work in less safe environments where they are more distracted and have given shelter for infinite scams.

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Few of the most thriving criminal groups are proficient at working together, imparting knowledge, and waiting peacefully for the appropriate moment to strike. They may also survive on the organizational network for months to accumulate confidential data before making a move.

Rise of the Insider Threat

Contrast defined groups of attackers armed with complex social engineering strategies against those tired and stressed remote employees. While a malicious insider threat is a reason for concern, carelessness and standard human error can cause equal damage.

An email gets delivered to the wrong person, with a false document, or falling victim to a seemingly probable request that turns out to be a scam are all possible threats for every individual.

To fight this burgeoning threat, companies should encourage remote employees, support a strong division between professional and family life, and set out transparent policies on how social media and different types of technologies can be used appropriately.

Time to Redraw the Battle Lines

Edge computing empowers businesses to carry out high-speed processing when needed so that the processing power can be spread over the extended corporate network to get data closer to people. This will boost productivity and build a new paradigm for security that has traditionally tried to stem the flow of data.

Foster Collaboration and Plan Ahead

Securing the integrity of assets in the organization is about accurately configuring and integrating the right technologies and helping the greatest asset of the company, employees.

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It’s an excellent option to create awareness internally and work collaboratively with third parties and other companies. By working together, businesses can expect to respond to rising threats efficiently and maintain a high service level. By building resilience and safeguarding business goals, companies will undoubtedly develop trust among consumers, shareholders, employees, and the board.

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