Misinformation Campaigns Drive Cybersecurity Initiatives

Misinformation Campaigns Drive Cybersecurity Initiatives

The digital transformation across various business sectors has elevated ransomware attacks, which need to be directed through decisive cybersecurity measures.

Digital transformation of businesses worldwide significantly enhances business growth, boosts revenue, reduces production expenses, and decreases workload. The pandemic months observed an increase in the number of businesses embracing digital technologies and automation. However, misinformation is a digital malware that has lately dropped in, during the internet era.

According to a Livemint report, a burgeoning group of cybersecurity scholars believes that disinformation is a modern threat in these psychologically induced attacks. This will also be used by cyber attackers perhaps for corruption, market advantage, or to tarnish a competitive business’s reputation.

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The crippling cyber threats and attacks of ransomware require an effective and robust cybersecurity operation across every industry. In recent times, misinformation has taken over cyberspace.

An article by Security Magazine says the escalation in misinformation campaigns will be an influential trend of 2021 to drive through expenses of ransomware fees, and in some instances, control markets to manipulate stock values.

It is high time for companies to come up with the best cybersecurity measures and threat management practices to anticipate and fix such critical cyber breaches.

Here are some ways CISOs can plan how to deal with misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

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Understand Social Media Platform

Social media campaigns play an integral part in spreading misinformation in this current time. It is simpler to manipulate the content and spread it over the internet considering social media’s impact on people’s minds.

An influential social media presence is a necessity. Businesses must understand that the bad leads are continuously following social media accounts of companies to understand online behavior, company leadership, and preferences.

A report by Oxford University states that of the 81 nations surveyed, all of their residents were targeted by social media manipulation campaigns, up from 70 countries in 2019.

This data is sensitive and can be utilized to manipulate to spread misinformation and request ransomware. Therefore, Chief Security Officers (CSO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) must introduce a team to manage social media to comprehend the company vision and identify threats.

Develop Strategies to Detect and Intercept Cyber attacks

Cyber attackers frequently use the dark web to create and collect information to attack businesses. Organizations should improve control strategies to identify online threats by accessing the dark network and disorganized data sources that better understand their company’s activities. Since it’s challenging to collect data from dark nets, techniques like scraping, lagging, or including a third-party aid can help businesses pull out data from these dark web sites.

Data Backups and AI-Driven

Regularly taking backup of information and valuable data is vital to prevent cyber-attacks. The backed-up data must be encrypted and saved in a secure network system. It will be useful if this encrypted information is put in a separate network system rather than the normal ones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) subsets, including deep learning and machine learning, are helpful in processing unorganized data. AI facilitates automation of security methods, and this enables cost-reduction and reducing dangers.