Reasons why Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture Has Become a Necessity for Modern Enterprises


Every digital native enterprise needs to be agile and flexible in its operations to stay competitive and secure. Many enterprises are exploring opportunities to integrate cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) in their security posture to keep the business network secured from various sophisticated threats.

The widespread adoption of cloud technologies and hybrid models to work has expanded the attack surface area of enterprises which has exposed them to various sophisticated threats and cyber risks. CISOs are focusing on implementing security strategies and controls across all the distributed assets in the multi-cloud ecosystems. According to a recent report by Gartner, one of the top strategic technology trends for the year 2022 is cybersecurity mesh architecture. The reports also suggest that enterprises that embrace CSMA will be able to minimize the financial implications of each security incident by nearly 90% by the year 2024. Here are a few top reasons why modern enterprises need a cybersecurity mesh framework to strengthen their security posture against sophisticated threats:

Efficient and consistent security throughout the business network

Cybersecurity mesh architecture offers enterprises four foundational security layers, including Security intelligence and analytics, Distributed Identity Fabric, Consolidated policy and posture management, and Consolidated dashboards that enable them to implement a smart security strategy to defend the business network.

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CISOs can leverage these security layers to develop an intelligent, vigilant, and consistent security posture that helps them to mitigate all critical threats. CSMA offers enterprises an efficient cybersecurity framework to enforce their security posture in an organized, coherent, and consistent manner. CISOs can consider this approach to effectively understand the current threat landscape and reimagine their security strategies to ensure the security tech stack works as intended.

Flexible, agile, and scalable security

Modern enterprises are continuously evolving, and it has become crucial for the SecOps teams to enforce an elastic, agile, reliable, and scalable cybersecurity mesh architecture. As businesses of every size, type and industry have adopted the cloud in their operations, organizations should have a resilient cyber defense mechanism to keep sophisticated threats outside of their business network.

The modern threat landscape has evolved to become highly sophisticated. Cybercrime-as-a-service industry has offered easy access to robust tools and expertise that amateur cybercriminals can leverage to accomplish a full-blown cyber-attack. Cybersecurity mesh architecture enables businesses to adapt to the evolving security posture requirements as the business scales.

Quick implementation and integration

CSMA offers businesses a sustainable and secure underlying structure that includes quick configuration and deployment of new security applications or tools. One of the significant reasons why modern enterprises need to implement cybersecurity mesh architectures is to ingrain agility into their cybersecurity posture. This cybersecurity approach helps the enterprise to streamline the integration of individual security services and enable the tools in the security tech stack to interact with each other to offer a resilient cybersecurity environment.

With the features of CSMA, such as integration or interoperability, businesses can significantly strengthen their security.

Cybersecurity mesh architecture is one of the most effective approaches because it streamlines interaction between all the devices on the network to make strategic decisions based on analytics.

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Strengthen cybersecurity posture and tech stack

Many businesses do not focus on upgrading or replacing their legacy security tools because of the expenses that it incurs on businesses. The agility the cybersecurity mesh architecture offers enterprises a strong security foundation enables the CISOs to ensure security efficacy, minimized costs, and enhance detection and response agility.

CSMA is one of the most effective cybersecurity postures in the context of the modern threat landscape because CISOs are able to identify all the threats and risks that are beyond the traditional security perimeter.

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