Top Ways to Embrace Innovation-First Approach without Compromising Security

Top Ways to Embrace Innovation-First Approach without Compromising Security

Many organizations find it challenging to strike a perfect balance between embracing an innovation-first approach and securing the IT infrastructure from various threats.

A robust cybersecurity approach strengthens security by minimizing risk, while innovation might expose enterprises to various risks. Industry leaders are exploring opportunities to embrace an innovation-first approach without compromising the security of data and other IT assets. This approach is one of the most effective ways to generate a new revenue model, enhance the customer experience, and tap into new market opportunities while developing air-tight security for the entire business network.

CISOs are prioritizing seizing all the opportunities to embrace and modernize the IT infrastructure with cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, and the internet of things (IoT) while securing sensitive business data and assets to stay competitive and compliant in today’s digital age.

Here are a few ways that enterprises can embrace an innovation-first work culture without being restricted by security needs:

Set work culture that prioritizes innovation first approach

Many organizations consider innovation as a checklist that they tick mark and achieve an innovation-first work culture. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, innovation isn’t a checkbox that can be tick marked to ensure the endpoints are met. It is crucial to set an effective innovation management approach that enables businesses to establish highly engaged and agile workflows to withstand all disruptions by mitigating all the potential risks. Business leaders prioritize accomplishing business goals by setting efficient production and delivery processes to improve profit margins. CISOs should consider evaluating the entire business process to identify all the potential security risks and their impact on business continuity. Understanding the risks and their impact on embracing the innovation-first approach will help businesses identify all the gaps in their work processes. SecOps teams can align the stakeholder’s expectations while ensuring the business network to ensure embracing an innovation-first approach without compromising security.

Develop a secure-by-design business model

Businesses that do not embrace innovation might have serious implications on business continuity. Organizations were forced to digitally transform during the pandemic, irrespective of their readiness. Many enterprises are still working on the gaps they identified after accomplishing the digital transformation goals. Organizations that want to embrace an innovation-first approach need to establish secure-by-design workflows to integrate security at the early stages. Secure by Design enables organizations to have a risk-based approach to innovate at scale instead of focusing on enforcing governance policies across-the-board. SecOps teams should consider determining the purpose of the innovation and its criticality to map vulnerabilities and set effective response strategies to innovate at scale.

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Concentrate on implementing effective governance policies 

There is a tremendous surge in the adoption of low-code/no-code platforms, and their multiple vendors that offer various tools. When the organization is exploring tools to modernize IT infrastructure, it should ensure the tools meets all the security demands of the entire business network. Moreover, the CISOs should consider developing governance strategies that help their enterprise to stay protected from potential threats while embracing an innovation-first approach based on stringent and shared governance policies.

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