Ways to Find Additional Budget for Cybersecurity

Ways to Find Additional Budget for Cybersecurity
Ways to Find Additional Budget for Cybersecurity

Organizational cybersecurity is not merely an IT problem; it is increasingly a business and financial concern. Regardless of the size of the business, global attacks are becoming more frequent and complicated on a daily basis, making robust, preventative cybersecurity an essential part of the continuous operations of any sensible firm.

PwC’s “2022 Global Digital Trust Insights” report of 3,602 business, technology and security leaders participated in a global survey that was conducted in July and August 2021. Among those surveyed, 69% (up from 55% last year) anticipate an increase in cybersecurity investment in 2019. Spending increases of 10% or more are anticipated by 26% of people, which is a threefold increase over the previous year.

The environment for cyber-threats has evolved since the global COVID-19 pandemic. More individuals are using their own gadgets and working remotely, and some are not well acquainted with the security teams. In a period of talent shortages and people changing professions at historically high rates, recruiting and retention requires investing more to maintain the best. Budgets are more constrained than ever, overhead costs are increasing, and several organizations are being compelled to reduce expenditure across the board. As a result, time-constrained CISOs require new approaches to raise money and defend maintaining or raising budgets.

CISOs should first consider their department

Before beginning to seek outside of their own department, CISOs should consider how their current cybersecurity team can save time and money. This makes sense, of course, but it also demonstrates that businesses have already taken action by eliminating non-essential expenses, consolidating licensed software, and reducing operating costs before they look for financing in other areas of the organization.

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Enterprises need to assess and consolidate their current security tools. The management of a company’s IT security posture will become more streamlined as a result, which will help to reduce unnecessary costs, clear up the overall security clutter, minimize the need for high departmental skills, shorten critical response times and wasteful effort, eliminate overlapping tasks, and save crucial time-to-action.

Firms can save time and money by ensuring that their workforce has straightforward access to data and reducing clutter from notification fatigue. By automating tedious manual procedures and relieving the stress brought on by unnecessary and false warnings, more team time can be dedicated to other projects. These might include contributing value through security exercises, constant cybersecurity assessment, documentation, reporting, and informed incident response. Security training can also help the team recognize its importance throughout the business. A significant Return on Investment (ROI) comes from team efforts to minimize the real threats. 

Forming internal business alliances

There are additional places where it’s feasible to find a bit of extra cybersecurity budget, in addition to reducing spending and providing ROI to the C-suite.

It could be able to persuade other divisions of the company to budget for some of the expenditures associated with cybersecurity. Runtime protection is very recommended if a department is charged with creating a new application. DDoS mitigation, WAF firewalls, insider threat prevention, account takeover protection, bot management, APT protection, and maybe more are required while building a new web presence for e-commerce. It would be advantageous if CISOs could include cybersecurity expenses in the budget for other departmental initiatives. This is an inescapable fact, and many of these disputes may be avoided once again using strong ROI data and numbers. However, it will be essential to persuade other development sectors that creating initiatives without taking security into account could put the organization in danger.

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