1Password and Rippling forge alliance to provide enterprise password management to secure HR and IT administration at scale

1Password and Rippling forge alliance to provide enterprise password management to secure HR and IT administration at scale (1)

1Password, the world’s most loved enterprise password manager, today announced a partnership with Rippling, an employee management platform. The partnership will extend access to 1Password’s market-leading enterprise password manager (EPM) to make it easier for employees to use secure and unique passwords that protect against credential stuffing and other attacks. The partnership also enables small businesses to manage administrative tasks within Rippling using the 1Password SCIM bridge, helping to bolster security while reducing demands on IT such as onboarding employees – especially important with 89% of employees working from home, according to recent 1Password research.

For decades, password reuse has put employees and businesses at risk, with more than 30 billion credential attacks in 2018 alone. Through this partnership, small businesses who use Rippling now can easily manage strong passwords for the services their workers rely on every day to be productive. Aligned with Rippling’s objective to simplify HR and IT, especially for small businesses with limited resources, recent 1Password research found that 57% of IT personnel say password managers save time and frustration for employees, while nearly half  say they spend less time managing and resetting employee passwords.

“1Password’s mission is to help businesses and consumers increase security and productivity, and our partnership with Rippling is designed to help many more small and medium businesses embrace those critical protections,” said Matt Davey, chief operating officer, 1Password. “With 1Password, Rippling users can access additional secure password management within a platform they already use regularly for critical HR processes such as payroll and benefits. This is an important step for any company to communicate a culture of password security as soon as an employee joins their workforce.”

The 1Password SCIM bridge easily and securely automates provisioning of 1Password accounts. Using the 1Password SCIM bridge, Rippling customers will be able to control the passwords stored within 1Password and manage user’s access to groups.

“As remote work becomes the new normal, businesses have to be more vigilant about protecting data through good password hygiene,” said Rippling CEO Matt Macinnis. “By automating 1Password license management and user administration, Rippling can help HR and IT teams save a ton of time and keep their data more secure. It’s a huge win for our customers.”