ActZero Launches Maturity Model with High-Impact Ransomware Controls to Help Businesses Accelerate Security Hardening

ActZero Launches Maturity Model with High-Impact Ransomware Controls to Help Businesses Accelerate Security Hardening

ActZero, an AI-driven cybersecurity startup whose mission is to democratize cybersecurity for small and mid-size businesses, today announced the launch of its Maturity Model, hosted within its new customer portal.

The ActZero Maturity Model assesses environments against 137 critical ransomware controls, as well as other control sets for business email compromise protection, CIS, and CMMC. Businesses can immediately address the majority of critical ransomware controls by leveraging ActZero’s Managed Detection and Response service, and use the customer portal to continuously monitor their environment to surface the most valuable hardening actions.

“IT security teams don’t have time for low value work,” said ActZero COO Chris Finan. “We want to help them identify the highest impact actions they can take to harden their environment, and focus our service on helping them quickly close critical control gaps, starting with ransomware and account takeover protection.”

Earlier this month, following an Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, White House officials called on the business community and private sector to enhance their cybersecurity hygiene in the wake of high-profile attacks that hobbled critical infrastructure.

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Businesses of every size feel increasing urgency to improve their security posture, but small and mid-size businesses in particular often lack the resources — or the visibility — to address their gaps. While there is no shortage of frameworks for businesses to follow, in practice they often amount to a confusing patchwork of cybersecurity guidelines. ActZero, which is led by former White House cybersecurity officials, built their Maturity Model and continuous assessment system in response to these challenges.

The Maturity Model provides a powerful means of assessing an organization’s IT environment against the most frequent and severe cybersecurity threats to identify key risks and prioritize the risk mitigation controls needed to achieve the desired IT or business outcomes.

It distills the complex patchwork of requirements needed to address ransomware and account takeover risks, as well as CIS and CMMC controls, into a single set of prioritized actions for the organization. By leveraging ActZero’s AI-driven Managed Detection and Response service, organizations are able to address the majority of these critical controls within just days.

Within the ActZero customer portal, businesses get centralized access to information about their security activity. Businesses can review recent events that ActZero registered as potentially malicious and, when necessary, take concrete actions to address them.

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“We are committed to providing SMBs not only with exceptional monitoring and response services on our end, but also with the ability to assess, measure, and improve their security on their end,” said Ronnie Duan, Senior Product Manager at ActZero.

“Our new portal makes security-related info — from recaps of total monitored events to reports of specific malicious incidents — accessible and digestible to businesses, and our maturity model gives them insight into how to refine and bolster their own security posture.”

As part of the announcement, ActZero is hosting a fireside chat on the importance of SMBs assessing their security for the current threat climate.

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