Airgap Networks Announces Acquisition of NetSpyGlass

Airgap Networks Announces Acquisition of NetSpyGlass

Airgap Networks, the innovation leader in cybersecurity solutions for business-critical networks, has announced the acquisition of NetSpyGlass, an innovative network and asset intelligence solution provider.

The award-winning Airgap Zero Trust Firewall defends business critical infrastructure and secures core networks by providing identity, agentless microsegmentation, and secure access for every connected endpoint. Integrating the NetSpyGlass suite of asset intelligence capabilities into the Airgap architecture enables Airgap ZTFW™ customers to better detect, locate, and contain device anomalies in real time.

Improved visibility into core networks with diverse topologies and comprehensive asset discovery equips the Airgap Zero Trust Firewall with detailed insights into device status, attributes, and interactions. With this acquisition, Airgap empowers customers with data-driven decisions and a proactive response to potential risks and vulnerabilities in business-critical networks.

“The acquisition of NetSpyGlass by Airgap Networks marks a crucial step forward in delivering an intelligent and innovative cybersecurity architecture to secure core networks and safeguard critical infrastructure,”said NetSpyGlass CEO and Co-Founder, Shyam Davuluru.

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With an evolving threat landscape increasingly targeting business-critical assets, enterprises are struggling now more than ever to secure their real-world business networks.

“The greater the accuracy of asset discovery in these systems, the shorter the response time,” said the CEO and Co-Founder of Airgap Networks, Ritesh Agrawal. “With the addition of NetSpyGlass, the Airgap ZTFW offers businesses the steering wheel to drive trust out of their core network at speed and scale. It’s a game-changer for securing business-critical networks.”

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