Allied Telesis and Forescout collaborates to originate Integrated Network Management Solution

Allied Telesis and Forescout collaborates to originate Integrated Network Management Solution-01

Allied Telesis, a global leader in connectivity solutions and intelligent networking tools, is pleased to announce an upgrade to its popular Vista Manager EX network management solution that includes integration with Forescout’s Continuum platform. The upgrade enables customers to enjoy Forescout’s unparalleled device discovery capabilities to enhance the security and manageability of their enterprise networks.

Today’s enterprise networks must provide wired and wireless access to support digital resources, BYOD policies, and third-party devices such as IoT, security cameras and IP phones. In the past, software agents were installed on devices to facilitate remote management, however this is no longer practical given the numbers and variety of devices in use today. Therefore, to successfully manage this complex environment, organizations must find ways to collect, visualize, and control network assets without further burdening operational staff.

Vista Manager from Allied Telesis is a graphical network dashboard that simplifies the management of enterprise wired, wireless and wide-area networks. Originally conceived as the graphical interface for the company’s network automation tool, Autonomous Management Framework (AMF), this latest update elevates Vista Manager to become a true vendor-agnostic management solution.

Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations trust Forescout to reduce the risk of business disruption from security incidents or breaches, ensure and demonstrate security compliance and increase security operations productivity. Forescout’s holistic platform continuously identifies, segments, and enforces compliance of every connected thing across any heterogeneous network.

By integrating Vista Manager and Forescout, complete network topology and endpoint device information is readily available. Vista Manager graphically visualizes the devices in the dashboard map to quickly identify the connected network segment. With any status change, the map updates for continuously accurate information. Device discovery, visualization, monitoring, and traffic analysis features are easily accessible from the dashboard.

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The Forescout integration with Vista Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Simple plug-in style integration for easy installation of Forescout Continuum
  • Automatic detection of network devices using Forescout’s unique agentless discovery technology
  • Discovered devices are automatically added to the network topology with meaningful icons to simplify identification and management.
  • Comprehensive device and status information is available directly from the Vista Manager network dashboard.

“We’re delighted to launch an integration with an industry leader like Forescout,” said Rahul Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Allied Telesis. “Their agentless device discovery and automated security features are second-to-none, and together with our Vista Manager network dashboard, we have a powerful solution for enterprises that is very easy to use. ”

Vista Manager is available from Allied Telesis in two deployment options: Vista Manager EX is a stand-alone software application ideal for larger deployments; the Vista Management Network Appliance is a hardware option preloaded with Vista Manager EX and the AMF network automation tools, suitable for smaller networks where ease of use is key. The integration with Forescout is supported from Vista Manager version 3.9.1.

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