Allure Security Logs On To APWG eCrime Exchange for R&D Of New Counter-Cybercrime Artificial Intelligence

Allure Security Logs On To APWG eCrime Exchange for R_D Of New Counter-Cybercrime Artificial Intelligence (1)

APWG’s Newest Start-up Member Leveraging eCX Clearinghouse Data to Help Artificial Intelligences Defend Customers From Website Phishing Attacks

The APWG announced today that security firm Allure Security has joined the APWG as a Sponsoring member, leveraging the global counter-cybercrime association’s machine-event data clearinghouse for intelligence vital to research and development efforts being mounted at the all-star start-up.

“APWG’s service to the industry is an honor for the directors to provide – but there is special pleasure in being witness to the genesis of new ideas and approaches in this space. We look forward to Allure Security’s success utilizing APWG’s data in protecting the brands that customers trust,” said APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy.

Allure Security launched the first machine learning-based website spoofing and anti-phishing solution in November of 2019. Salvatore Stolfo, Ph.D, Columbia University Professor and cybersecurity researcher, developed Allure Security’s solution to improve early detection of web spoofing as part of an orchestrated phishing attack, protecting customers from fraud and preserving the enterprise’s brand reputation. Now the CTO at Allure, Dr. Stolfo has been granted over 95 patents and published more than 230 papers and is an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Fellow.

“This partnership with the dedicated researchers at APWG is part of our larger mission to share important cybersecurity data between fellow defenders to help turn the tables on scammers,” said Dr. Stolfo.

APWG’s eCrime eXchange provides Allure with a rich source of intelligence on the locations of active phishing campaigns. Each campaign can be analyzed and profiled, offering valuable information about phisher tactics and techniques that can be used to identify other, previously unknown attack sites.

Further, APWG assists in the discovery and verification of fraudulent and spoofed sites that can tarnish the brand of reputable organizations. Recently, Allure Security launched a program for anyone to submit to have a potentially malicious website investigated.

APWG’s eCX has been the global non-profit-managed nexus for machine-event data related to cybercrime since 2004, starting out as an FTP service for members organizing against the then nascent global conflict with cybercriminals. Today, the eCX, in its fifth revision, operates as an API platform providing upwards of 500 million data entities per month to APWG members like Allure Security.