Alutel Mobility Establishes Alliance with Imageware® to Incorporate Facial Recognition into its Portfolio of Solutions

Alutel Mobility Establishes Alliance with Imageware® to Incorporate Facial Recognition into its Portfolio of Solutions-01

Imageware (OTCQB: IWSY), a pioneer in biometric identification and authentication, and Alutel Mobility, a company specializing in mobile access control technologies, mustering, visitor management, document control and corporate cafeteria management, as well as software development services, announced an agreement to embed Imageware’s market leading biometric capabilities into Alutel’s AMS Suite 6.0 solutions.

“Imageware and Alutel have worked very closely together to design a system that will be secure in any environment: with network connection or even offline, leveraging biometrics and AI at the edge [i.e. computing and storing data closer to the data sources],” said AJ Naddell, Imageware SVP of Product Management & Sales. “Alutel’s market leading mobile access control solution paired with top NIST-rated biometric algorithms delivered through Imageware’s patented Biometric Engine will help increase security for customers across multiple locations, including airports, ports, office buildings, mines, refineries, production plants, public transportation, and several others. We are already working together on a number of domestic opportunites in the United States.”

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“Customer requirements, environments, and situations all change, and our technology must adapt to these changes,” said Michel Grudzien, CEO of Alutel Mobility. “Authentication via facial recognition will increase security when verifying and facilitating access in open environments where fixed systems (such as turnstiles or gates) cannot be implemented. This functionality also allows access without physical items that people must have, such as cards or even telephones, that in an emergency can become an obstacle to validation,” said Grudzien.

This combined solution verifies users’ identities by leveraging on-device biometric matching. The biometrics on the device are continuously synced with a Cloud-based database. This separation between on-device and Cloud-based matching is what enables the critical offline biometric matching capability.

With Imageware’s patented Biometric Engine, the photo of an employee or visitor registered in AMS Suite 6.0 will be compared with a live image of the person entering or leaving a facility, granting or denying access according to the permissions previously assigned through the Alutel Mobile application. Likewise, organizations will be able to use this mobile and contactless authentication to mark checkpoints on evacuation routes with the Mustering module.

Alutel offers the combined applications with their RAGTAB tablet (ruggedized tablet), and will work on both iOS or Android operating systems.

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