Amsive Got Certified as HITRUST i1 to Manage Data Protection and Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats


Amsive, a leading performance marketing agency, today announced its Customer Intelligence and Print / Direct Mail systems have earned certified status by HITRUST for information security.

HITRUST Implemented, 1-year (i1) Certified status demonstrates that the organization’s systems are leveraging a set of curated controls to deliver a complete security program that broadly protects against current and emerging threats.

“As an audience-led agency, the protection of our clients’ data is at the absolute forefront of how we build and manage solutions for the brands and partners we serve,” stated Ray Owens, EVP, Customer Intelligence at Amsive. “HITRUST i1 Certification provides our internal and external stakeholders with continued confidence and assurance that we are committed to implementing  today’s leading security practices.”

Amsive EVP of Technology, Keith Chadwell, continued, “Earning this i1 Certification validates our steadfast promise to high standards for cybersecurity and data protection. Ensuring that these responsible safeguards are effectively in place remains one of our most critical priorities as a true business partner to our clients.”

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Through alignment with and incorporation of appropriate security controls, the HITRUST Implemented, 1-year (i1) Validated Assessment with Certification helps organizations address cybersecurity challenges and remain cyber resilient over time.

“The HITRUST i1 Validated Assessment is a powerful tool for cyber-aware organizations such as Amsive,” said Robert Booker, Chief Strategy Officer, HITRUST. “HITRUST i1 Certification provides measurement, implementation, and performance assurance of information security controls. Congratulations to Amsive for earning HITRUST i1 Assessment certification and demonstrating the operational maturity of their cybersecurity program.”

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