Anomali & Canon IT Solutions Team Up To Deliver A Threat Intelligence Platform To Counter Sophisticated Cyber Security Attacks

Anomali & Canon IT Solutions Team Up To Deliver A Threat Intelligence Platform To Counter Sophisticated Cyber Security Attacks

Anomali, the leader in modernizing and scaling security operations, and Canon IT Solutions Inc., a member of the Canon Marketing Japan Group, today announced the availability of the Canon IT Solutions “Threat Intelligence Platform,” a security operations service that operationalizes threat intelligence to better detect and respond to attacks. Utilizing Anomali ThreatStream, the service provides small and medium-sized enterprises with actionable intelligence on cyber attackers, trending tactics and information-based security measures that let Canon IT Solutions customers know if they are vulnerable to attacks, and how to protect against the latest cyber attacks easily and quickly.

“Anomali welcomes the release of the Canon IT Solutions ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’ powered by the Anomali Platform and fueled by big data, artificial intelligence, and relevant, actionable global threat intelligence,” said Ahmed Rubaie, Anomali CEO. “We are confident that this service will help enterprises gain an advantage in the chaotic and high-risk threat landscapes they operate in, enabling them to amplify visibility and significantly improve their detection and response capabilities cost effectively. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Canon IT Solutions to further support the overall security posture of these small and medium-sized enterprises.”

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Given the rise of more diverse and sophisticated threats such as zero-day attacks, the need for more proactive security has never been more evident. Solving for the growing complexity of today’s threats, the Canon IT Solutions “Threat Intelligence Platform” delivers threat information through a service that allows organizations to respond quickly and effectively to cyber attacks.

Benefits of the “Threat Intelligence Platform” include:

  • Coordination of threat information: The latest global threat information collected on Anomali’s cloud-based platform is linked to the products that customers are using.
  • Minimal operational load: Threat information linkage is performed regularly and automatically, so the operational burden on the customer is minimal.

“We are proud to partner with Anomali to deliver our inaugural ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’ and provide organizations with a service that can counter attacks,” said Akira Yoshida, Vice President, Director in charge of IT Platform Business Section, Canon IT Solutions. “We look forward to expanding our service by distributing threat information from multiple companies and organizations to ultimately eliminate zero-day threats and provide peace of mind to our customers.”

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