Arizona-based Acronis SCSVets Gains 501c3 Designation and Grows Established Board of Directors Comprised of Cyber Experts

Arizona-based Acronis SCSVets Gains 501c3 Designation and Grows Established Board of Directors Comprised of Cyber Experts

Today Acronis SCSVets announced it has officially earned 501c3 designation from the International Revenue Service, widening the Arizona nonprofit’s ability to provide free high touch and in person cyber training for veterans, military spouses, and transitioning service members.

After earning internationally recognized cyber certifications as a part of that training, graduates of Acronis SCSVets continue serving the nation in critical ways, entering rewarding careers that combine their military experience with skills learned during the program.

The nonprofit’s announcement comes at an inflection point for our nation’s digital resilience, as cyber threats become both more frequent and devastating in nature. “With the SolarWinds breach still fresh and more than half a million cybersecurity jobs unfilled, America’s cyber workforce shortage is a national security risk, plain and simple,” says Maj.

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Gen. Mick McGuire (Ret). “I’m thankful to Acronis SCSVets, which provides self-sustaining career opportunities to those already intimately familiar with what it takes to keep America safe, for working tirelessly to help fill that gap.”

Growing its presence in the Arizona community, Acronis SCSVets also announces the addition of Laura Geyer and Ken Allen to its Board of Directors. Laura and Ken join Retired Colonel of the Yuma Proving GroundsRoss Poppenberger in an effort to spread the impact of Acronis SCSVets post military IT job training and certification for veterans and military spouses in Arizona.

Acronis SCSVets firmly believes that investing in those who have served strengthens the US economy, as well as its cyber infrastructure. “In earning the 501c3 designation and adding to its board of directors,” remarks John Zanni, CEO of Acronis SCS and Founder of Acronis SCSVets, “Acronis SCSVets has reiterated its commitment to America’s veteran and military community, with both Arizona and our nation better for it.”

As a 501c3, all donations to Acronis SCSVets are tax deductible. For more information about the organization, its mission, its inspiring graduates, and ways to contribute, visit the Acronis SCSVets website at

Laura Geyer is a motivated business leader with over 25 years of extensive leadership and management experience in finance, logistics, technology and BPO operations. As a visionary behind company operations and strategies, she has led several projects focused on process improvements and efficiencies that are centered around Six Sigma methodology. She is passionate about giving back to veterans, as her father is a former veteran who served in the US Air Force.

Ken Allen is the Care Operations Manager at GoDaddy, currently responsible for developing and leading team support agents and supervisors. Allen is a passionate business leader with over 18 years of experience who is focused on developing a culture of highly engaged leaders that go above and beyond the call of duty.

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