Armorblox Joins Internet2’s Research and Education Community as Industry Member

Armorblox Joins Internet2's Research and Education Community as Industry Member

Armorblox, a cybersecurity innovator that helps organizations communicate more securely over email, today announced that it has joined Internet2, a non-profit, member-driven advanced technology community that provides a secure high-speed network, cloud solutions, research support, and identity and access management services tailored for research and education.

Internet2 convenes universities, government agencies, non-profit affiliates, regional and state education networks, corporations, and international partners—and through them supports more than 80,000 community anchor institutions such as K-12 schools, community colleges, public libraries, health care facilities, museums, and other cultural and performing arts organizations.

Armorblox’s Internet2 membership furthers its ability to collaborate with Internet2 higher education, affiliate, federal affiliate, and industry members. The membership also provides Armorblox with opportunities for participation in working groups, testbeds, and projects with a focus on meeting the unique needs of the research and education community.

Email security risk is a reality for every educational institution. The 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 50% of breaches in the Education sector involved social engineering. Around 80% of these social engineering breaches involved Pretexting as a tactic, which is heavily associated with Business Email Compromise (BEC). Email attacks like BEC, vendor fraud, impersonation, and credential phishing target the human layer of educational institutions by replicating known business workflows and often hiding the payload within email language and context.

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Armorblox, a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security, analyzes thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and language to stop these advanced email attacks. By connecting over APIs and seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office 365 and Google native email security, Armorblox provides an easy-to-use email security platform that stops hard-to-detect attacks. Armorblox also helps prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands over email and reduces phishing response times by automating large parts of customers’ abuse mailbox remediation.

“We are excited to welcome Armorblox to Internet2 and look forward to their active participation and valuable contributions in support of research and education,” said Ben Fineman, Director of Industry Engagement at Internet2. “Industry members play an essential role in supporting Internet2’s mission of empowering U.S. research and education through their commitment to working together to build strategic engagements and capabilities that extend leading-edge scholarship and research.”

“Scammers increasingly target universities by hijacking timely occasions such as commencement or student onboarding, to create plausible, hard-to-detect fraudulent messages with the ultimate goal of stealing money or data,” said RuthAnne Bevier, Senior Information Security Advisor at Caltech. “Armorblox has been a very effective partner in preventing these targeted threats that get past our other email security layers from making it to our users’ inboxes.”

“Educational institutions have an email attack surface that increases with every new semester,” said DJ Sampath, Co-founder and CEO at Armorblox. “We are delighted to engage with the active Internet2 community to continually align with their security priorities, share targeted email attacks we have seen in the wild, and contribute to research efforts that further national and global education.”

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