As The Cost Of Ransomware Attacks Nearly Double, Lumen Deploys Program That Helps Businesses Fight Ransomware Before It Strikes

As the cost of ransomware attacks nearly double_ Lumen deploys program that helps businesses fight ransomware before it strikes

Since 2019, the cost of ransomware attacks on businesses nearly doubled[1] to $20 billion per year. Attackers have become more sophisticated and traditional mitigation efforts often fall short in their ability to stop the threats before they hit.

To help businesses fight back, Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) has launched a new Ransomware Assessment Program as part of its extensive suite of Professional Security Services.

The new ransomware service helps customers assess their security posture, minimize the likelihood of ransomware infections, and improve resiliency and negative impacts in the event of an attack.

Key Features:

The specific features of the Lumen ransomware offering include:

  • Assessment
    • Black-, white- or gray-box scanning
    • Regularly scheduled re-scans of internal and external IPs to monitor progress over time
    • Designated consultant to advise on technical measures to reduce risk
    • Evaluation of Security Controls
  • Visibility and Reporting
    • Lumen consultant provides regular reporting on open vulnerabilities and progress toward remediation
    • Information is imported into RiskSense Platform for visual reporting and dashboards
    • Comprehensive gap analysis and tailored roadmap to reduce risk of ransomware
  • Ongoing remediation management
    • Evaluate and refine risk management program
    • Recommend awareness and training programs for personnel and staff
    • Conduct incident response tabletop exercises and recommendations for improvement

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“Ransomware attacks have had explosive growth over the past few years, and the demand for skilled infosec professionals far exceeds the supply. Companies need an easier, more comprehensive way to identify malware and protect their intellectual property,” said Beth Kohler, Lumen senior director of security product management. “The problem we’ve seen is that many companies limit their efforts to infrastructure scanning, which means they only address a subset of their attack surface.

Our program is more powerful because we evaluate technical controls and business processes, and then we provide a dedicated consultant who reviews the results and provides recommendations. It’s a more holistic approach.”

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