Atos is modernizing its cloud platform with StorPool Storage

Atos is modernizing its cloud platform with StorPool Storage-01

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 110,000 employees and annual sales of € 12 billion. As the European market leader for cybersecurity as well as cloud and high performance computing, the Atos Group offers tailor-made, holistic solutions for all industries in 73 countries.

In order to survive against hyperscalers, to increase the sales of Atos Virtual Oracle Computing (VOC) Hotel and to maximize the profit from this service, the group had to upgrade its platform. That is why the VOC Hotel 2.0 project was launched with the aim of continuing to provide high-quality services while at the same time reducing operational overhead. Atos needed an extremely reliable storage solution with a pay-per-use billing that was tailored to the pricing model for VOC Hotel’s customers. Ideally, the solution would run on inexpensive hardware, with advanced functionality provided by software.

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Atos selected the StorPool Storage platform   because of the exceptional reliability and speed the company experienced in a StorPool system running on standard servers fully populated with NVMe SSDs. StorPool solved the hardware lifecycle management problems Atos had struggled with for years. The new storage system provided an environment that is always online with no downtime for maintenance, can also easily cope with hardware failures and therefore offers a hosting platform that is accessible around the clock.

With the new, StorPool-supported platform, Atos can easily replace hardware components such as failed servers or SSDs and carry out software and firmware upgrades during use without affecting customers’ applications.

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As a result, Atos has achieved remarkable cost savings per TB for storage licenses and maintenance, resulting in an overall reduction in costs. Atos was able to build a public cloud service with unmatched flexibility, reliability and speed using StorPool’s best-in-class SDS platform. The company has been able to streamline hardware lifecycle and cost management, improve operations, and eliminate maintenance windows and downtime visible to customers.

“The StorPool product is perfect in terms of costs, flexibility (needs-based scalability) and performance. The second point – and equally important to us – is the way in which the StorPool team helps us to build the most advanced hosting platform and their quick and dedicated support in the event of problems. ” , Says Hink Wiersema, Product Manager. Manager and architect at Atos.

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