AU10TIX Joins Forces With Microsoft To Create A More Trustworthy Identity Ecosystem In New Era Of Remote And Hybrid Work

AU10TIX Joins Forces with Microsoft To Create a More Trustworthy Identity Ecosystem in New Era of Remote and Hybrid Work

AU10TIX, a global leader in automated identity verification, today announced that it is partnering with Microsoft for the rollout of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) verifiable credentials, now in public preview, to help improve verifiability and secure information exchange.

The integration brings AU10TIX’s four decades of identity verification automation to Azure Active Directory, for managing identities, based on wide variety of attributes, such as documents, biometrics and electronic data without collecting and storing personal data.

AU10TIX’s proprietary technology, originally built for airport security and border control, is based on sophisticated neural networks and delivers identity verification results in less than 8 seconds.

It offers speed and accuracy to Microsoft-run organizations wanting to issue digital claims about identity attributes based on Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers open standards.

Once verified, these credentials can be used to prove an identity across different organizations to accelerate onboarding of users, secure access to apps or enable a more trustworthy credential recovery experience.

Individuals will have more control of their shared personal information and be able to manage credentials in the Microsoft Authenticator app; developers will be able to request and verify credentials via an application SDK.

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“Over the past year, digital identity has emerged at the center of a safer more trustworthy digital ecosystem. In a world without borders, businesses must enable more flexibility as we work, learn, and collaborate remotely.

At the same time, bad actors have taken advantage of rapid digitization to grow in sophistication and agility,” says AU10TIX CEO Carey O’Connor Kolaja. “Unification is the only intelligent defense. That’s why we launched INSTINCT last year, a first-of-its-kind platform to unite the global business community in fighting synthetic fraud. Now, as a Microsoft partner, we’re furthering our collaborative mission to create safer services, promote trust, and seamlessly secure our everyday access to life.”

“Our vision is to provide the platform for a digital identity in which individuals have more control over what information they share and can restrict access if needed,” said Sue Bohn, Partner Director Program Management, Identity Division at Microsoft Corp. “Collaborating with AU10TIX empowers businesses to verify information at scale while ensuring users have greater control over their personal information.”

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