Aura Launches Automatic Password Change to Intelligent Safety Platform

Aura Launches Automatic Password Change to Intelligent Safety Platform-01

Aura, the leader in intelligent safety for consumers, today introduced a new automatic password changing capability as part of its existing password manager feature, available to all Aura customers. The feature alerts users to weak, reused or compromised passwords and automatically updates credentials on select sites with just one click.

In 2021 alone, more than 22 billion personal records were exposed across data breaches, some including sensitive account information and passwords. Making this more dangerous, according to Aura, almost 40% of Americans admit to using the same password for most or all of their online accounts, meaning cybercriminals can leverage breached passwords and attempt to use them to access other consumer accounts that have the same or similar passwords.

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“Data breaches have unfortunately become all-too-common in our digital world, providing savvy cybercriminals with access to sensitive account information that can be used to commit financial fraud or identity theft,” said Jose Malpartida, chief product officer at Aura. “With our automatic password change feature, Aura aims to enable users to proactively and effortlessly protect their accounts, identities, finances and families, providing peace of mind for our customers.”

The feature is the newest milestone in the company’s development of an intelligent safety platform that enables predictive, personalized and autonomous protection for consumers. As part of automatic password change, Aura will notify you if your registered online accounts and passwords have been exposed online on the Dark Web – or if passwords are identified as weak or reused across accounts. It will then help change the password on supported sites by automatically logging in to the website, navigating to the change password page, updating the password by leveraging a strong password generator, and saving it back into Aura’s password manager so it’s securely stored and ready to use.

In addition to automatic password change and strong password generation, Aura’s password manager provides:

  • Cross-device sync – Add, modify, delete and access an unlimited number of passwords across all devices – including browser, mobile and web.
  • Proactive security functionality – Automatically add, sync and store account and password information in one secure place and generate unique, strong passwords to secure online accounts.
  • Drag and drop functionality – Easily populate your password information using Aura’s browser extension.

Aura’s password manager and automatic password change feature are available to all existing and new users via Aura’s browser extension on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Support for Safari coming this year.

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