Auraya Announces the Launch of EVA Forensics, Adding Optional SaaS Delivery Model

Auraya Announces the Launch of EVA Forensics_ Adding Optional SaaS Delivery Model-01

Auraya, a voice intelligence company, announces today the release of EVA Forensics, its fraud detection and prevention capability for cloud-based, on-premise and SaaS solutions.

Under the new name, EVA Forensics is the third generation of its predecessor, EVA Fraud Manager. Auraya introduces several enhancements, improving the fraud analyst experience, delivering even faster crossmatching capability and more flexibility in methods to match voices to real-time and historical audio sources. Whilst EVA Fraud Manager has always been available as a cloud service, EVA Forensics is now also available as a SaaS offering.

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Main improvements to user interface:

  • New visuals and user-friendly controls
  • New dashboard landing page showing system statistics and service status at a glance
  • New collapsible navigator access to access application modules
  • New module showing a set of selected reports with grid data display and visualizations
  • New identities view showing all identities in the system which can be filtered through to easily locate records

Main improvements to security:

  • Added Role Manager, enabling administrators to create and manage roles and access
  • Added security configuration for user access in case SAML-based IdP is not present
  • Improved ad-hoc audio testing, allowing for stereo files and channel selection
  • Better match scoring with 3 different scores now available so raw score, impostor probability score and the odds score can feed AI based decision systems with more data to make better informed decisions
  • More configurable fields allowing analysts to track value of fraud averted 
  • More powerful and flexible capability to capture data from other systems to inform analysts when analyzing audio and score matches 

Main improvements for convenience:

  • Added configurable job scheduling, allowing admins to create, configure and manage multiple job schedules
  • Audio bundles for matches can now be downloaded to analyst computers or removable media 
  • Identity audio records can now be downloaded separately from the identity details page
  • Match reports can now be downloaded for viewing technical information of the audio involved and its scores
  • Easy direct access to system records and resources through URL

EVA Forensics enables organizations to track and manage known and potential fraudsters that target contact centers, voice bots and digital channels, all in real-time. Organizations enroll fraudster voiceprints via historical call recordings or through external sources. Through real-time tracking and flagging, organizations are able to detect potential and known fraudsters and mitigate or prevent the risk of successful fraud attempts.

Integrating EVA Forensics into an organization’s existing solution platform is quick and seamless. It can be integrated as an AMI and installed behind their own firewall or as a SaaS model through Auraya.

EVA Forensics provides law enforcement and homeland security organizations with the ability to analyse millions of audio feeds to spot a person of interest in a conversation in real time or from historical recordings.

“We are excited about our latest release of EVA Forensics and the enhancements around features and functionality that we have now included in this version,” said Ray Doak, CEO of Auraya. “Our enterprise customers have asked for EVA Forensics to be provided as SaaS which we have included in this latest software release. This enables organizations of any scale to adopt Fraud Management within their Contact Center or Digital channel environment. Ultimately this will lead to cost savings for organizations and improved security for legitimate customers as a result of detecting and deterring fraud. Government agencies in law enforcement and homeland security now have improved tools to detect persons of interest in all forms of audio communications.

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