AUTOCRYPT Adopts MOU for ITF Corporate Partnership Board Membership at Second ITF CPB Week

AUTOCRYPT Adopts MOU for ITF Corporate Partnership Board Membership at Second ITF CPB Week

AUTOCRYPT, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity and smart mobility solutions, announced its membership renewal for the International Transport Forum (ITF)’s Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) during the second ITF CPB Week held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.

The CPB highlights companies who are committed to being a part of future transport policies through sharing their perspectives and expertise. Its members consist of more than 30 companies across the fields of automotive, transport, and mobility, among them are Bosch, Siemens, NXP, and Toyota. As a longstanding CPB member, AUTOCRYPT is actively involved in the making of cybersecurity-related policies.

CPB Week, an annual meeting hosted by the Secretary General of the ITF, gathers the CPB members to facilitate closer cooperation in policymaking for sustainable and inclusive transport.

After taking part in the inaugural ITF CPB Week in 2021, AUTOCRYPT’s Chairman Seokwoo Lee returned for this year’s discussions and shared the company’s latest developments and plans on making transport inclusive and sustainable through secured connections, while sharing ideas on potential policies. During the meeting, the ITF hosted a MOU ceremony for AUTOCRYPT to renew its CPB membership, extending the relationship for three more years.

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“Being a member of the CPB enables us to share our vision and contribute our expertise in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) to policymaking, enhancing government-industry cooperation for a smart, automated, and secure transport environment,” said Seokwoo Lee. “We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the ITF and CPB members in making transportation better for everyone and the planet.”

A pioneer in securing vehicle connections for the V2X environment, AUTOCRYPT is also attending the upcoming ITS World Congress in Los Angeles from September 18 to 22, where it will reveal its new IMS dashboard, an integrated V2X-PKI management system that enables users to manage all regional SCMS on a central dashboard.

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