AutoIdentQES Achieves Certification to Issue Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) Certificates Based on Artificial Intelligence Identification


IDnow, a leading identity proofing platform provider in Europe, announces the extension of the conformity of AutoIdent combined with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with its Trust Service Provider Namirial. The conformity extension was approved by the Italian Digital Agency (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale, AGID) and is valid for the European Union.

The conformity extension, which comes about a year after IDnow first enabled an automated identity verification solution for highly-regulated use cases, includes the approval of two innovations: Firstly, IDnow received approval for the fully automated, AI-based identity verification, which does not require a mandatory manual review by an identification agent. This is made possible by the quality, security and reliability of the automated fraud prevention checks, improving the customer experience through real-time results.

The extension makes the IDnow AutoIdent product with QES the first approved by AGID, with validity in the European Union, to be able to issue QES certificates based solely on end-consumer data captured in a self-guided identity verification process – with the help of fully automated, AI-based fraud prevention. The solution can be used in most EU countries under the 5th and 6th AML Directives of the European Union. Under these directives, the EU has established and expanded the Know Your Customer (KYC) identification methods for remote onboarding and enforcing criminal offences. This has the goal of aligning the single European market around financial services. The result of harmonizing remote onboarding methods allows IDnow to offer the financial services and banking sectors a uniform means to meet their AML obligations, optimize these investments, and conduct business more uniformly across borders.

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The second part of the approval concerns the use of NFC technology according to ICAO 9303, an international standard that defines specifications for machine-readable travel documents (MRTD), issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As part of the automated identity verification process, IDnow is allowed to use NFC technology to read out embedded chips from compliant identity documents.

These innovations result in one of the fastest, most secure processes in the European market while also significantly increasing conversion rates.

Milestone for identity verification based on AI algorithms

“This is not only a big step for IDnow as a leader in the identity proofing space, but also a milestone for identity verification with artificial intelligence algorithms in general,” says Johannes Leser, Vice President Trust Services at IDnow. “Based on this conformity extension, our AutoIdent product with QES technology delivers trusted data validation and fraud prevention that provide the right level of assurance in the tightly regulated space.”

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