AV-Comparatives expands their global cybersecurity testing capabilities: Announcing a new cloud security validation lab in Austin, Texas


AV-Comparatives, a global leader in endpoint security testing, is pleased to announce the extension of its testing portfolio in a new cloud security validation lab in Austin, Texas.

“We are excited about expanding our test operations to the United States,” says Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder of AV-Comparatives. “The new lab not only provides us with additional facilities but will also allow us to harness the expertise of experienced security-testing professionals in the USA. This new validation lab will give us a strong market presence in the United States while allowing for a broader testing program across a spectrum of cybersecurity solutions.”

As more and more organizations migrate to cloud services in the Covid-19 era, cloud security becomes ever more important. It is essential that organizations deploy, configure, and maintain cloud-based security controls to ensure the protection of customers’ applications and data.

This validation lab was created to better help organizations to analyze and evaluate cloud security solutions. Most importantly, it will address the vacuum that currently exists in the cloud-based testing and analysis space. This will allow AV-Comparatives to fill this critical gap and enhance its services to customers and cybersecurity vendors.

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Certified for independent testing

AV-Comparatives is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the scope of independent IT Security testing. This guarantees its neutrality and independence. AV-C is also an EICAR-certified Trusted Testing Institute.

“At AV-Comparatives, we have over 20 years of experience in testing cybersecurity solutions. We believe that by combining our existing facilities and know-how with those of the new lab and its experts in Austin, we can help enterprises and organizations make even better-informed decisions about security products,” says Andreas Clementi, co-founder.

New introduced tests

Based on feedback received from enterprises, organizations, leading analyst firms, industry experts, and manufacturers, the experts at the new cloud security validation lab will focus on the following areas of cybersecurity solution validation:

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  1. Secure Access Security Edge (SASE) principle-based stack
  2. Cloud Workload (Container & Kubernetes) Protection
  3. Cloud-Based Endpoint Security Prevention and Response
  4. Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  5. Cloud-Centric advanced NGFW

AV-Comparatives will continue its existing Main-Test Series for both enterprise and consumer IT security products. The new tests will help cyber-security vendors to perfect their state-of-the-art cloud protection solutions and give customers the peace of mind that they are buying a tested and certified product.

Round Table Sessions

AV-Comparatives will be holding round-table sessions on enterprise cybersecurity. These will focus on the threat landscape, IT security solutions, testing methodologies, and how enterprises can best be protected. Vendors of IT security solutions, analysts, and enterprises who are interested in joining these discussions should contact AV-Comparatives