Avast Business Announces New Partnership with BCN Telecom to Offer Cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway Services


U.S. solutions provider expands its cybersecurity portfolio with Avast’s next-generation managed firewall services

Avast, a leader in digital security products for business and consumers, today announced that it has partnered with BCN Telecom to protect its customers with Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) full-protocol managed firewall services. Based in Morristown, N.J., BCN serves thousands of business customers throughout North America with enterprise-wide communication technology solutions using the latest in voice, data, cloud, and wireless services and technologies. With this announcement, BCN continues its expansion into cloud services and further differentiates itself by offering a cloud-based, next-generation security service that is easy and convenient to deploy.

“The Avast Secure Internet Gateway is the perfect blend of a global security network and cloud-managed firewall service working together to address the security needs of business customers across multiple locations,” said Julian Jacquez, BCN President and COO. “BCN is in the business of solving network and security challenges for our customers and Avast’s SIG security service goes beyond anything we’ve tested in this space. Traditional security problems with SSL inspection, multi-location, compliance, upgrades and distributed networks are greatly improved with these new cloud-integrated technology services. We’re now able to offer customers a fully managed and monitored, enterprise-quality security solution.”

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The Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway service automatically scales to all size businesses and to all bandwidth options. Unlike traditional on-premise security hardware that needs installation, constant maintenance, and sizing upgrades, the SIG service can be activated remotely and be up and running within minutes. Both non-encrypted and full SSL packet inspection happen in the cloud and at great speed, so employees can now work at full speed and efficiency at any location.

“As the world accelerates its adoption of digital transformation, more and more businesses are replacing on-premise security appliances with SaaS-based network services,” said David Ryder of Avast Software. “We are pleased to work with BCN to help deliver on their vision for comprehensive, secure, digital access as a service. This partnership to utilize our Secure Internet Gateway services delivers on that vision.”

With Secure Internet Gateway, BCN is able to offer a pure, cloud-based security solution that includes the following key capabilities:

  • Next-Generation Network Security — Avast’s next-generation cloud firewall ensures that businesses are protected from inbound threats including malware, botnet attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT). It enforces a company’s Internet access policy to prevent unauthorized access to locations or applications that could compromise a company’s security posture.

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  • Comprehensive Protection Across Multi-Locations, Users, and Devices —With Secure Internet Gateway cloud-based security, BCN is able to offer it’s business customers a high level of security for all their employees at all locations.
  • Simple, Cost-Effective Deployment and Management — Secure Internet Gateway is deployed in the cloud and grows simply by adding more seats; no additional hardware to deploy, maintain, upgrade, or manage. Cloud-based consoles and policy make it easy to manage all users through the cloud, working across all locations. SIG is updated 125,000 times per day, across 150+ data centers worldwide.