BedRock Systems Announces the Launch of Its Unbreakable Foundation for Formally Secured Computing

BedRock Systems Announces the Launch of Its Unbreakable Foundation for Formally Secured Computing

The new products, BedRock HyperVisor™ and BedRock Active Security™, are a foundational shift in computing and usher in a new era of safety and security to improve overall security posture, and protect mission critical workloads with an unbreakable foundation

BedRock Systems announced today the launch of the first commercial foundation for formally secured computing, from edge to cloud, with the new products BedRock HyperVisor™ (BHV™) and BedRock Active Security™. This launch signals a new era where safety and security isn’t just a perception, it’s a formally verified reality. The vision for BedRock is that all mission critical workloads from edge to cloud, for government, industry and enterprises will be BedRock’ed. Our secure computing foundation will protect our country, our community, and every customer.

Sectors like government, critical infrastructure, industrial automation, energy, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services and the Internet of Mobile Things will use BedRock to secure the world’s most critical workloads. BedRock will also reduce cost and unlock new revenue by enabling innovation, even while under attack.

Cloud is being adopted by all industries to foster innovation, drive down cost and create new revenue streams. Despite its promise, there is a fundamental problem with cloud and edge infrastructure today: there is no secure Trusted Computing Base (TCB). The core OS kernel and underlying hypervisor all have software defects that allow them to be exploited. This means that apps, platforms and infrastructure are, essentially, all built on top of a foundation of sand, making every layer susceptible to attack and undermining the confidence and security of the entire technology stack. Any and all server or device security measures can be defeated by attacking the TCB. As critical infrastructure shifts to the cloud with perpetual connection, there is a dire need to protect against vulnerabilities, nation-state attacks and threats associated with connected devices

BedRock Systems offers an innovative new way to solve this problem. Based on BedRock Zero Trust Design™ principles, BedRock Systems has integrated BedRock Active Security™ with the BedRock HyperVisor™ (BHV™) creating a formally verified computing foundation. It provides formally verified isolation at a scale that has never before been achieved. Now with BedRock Active Security™, VM introspection and policy enforcement in Zero Trust and Active Resilience Architectures, BedRock Systems brings safety to humans and machines as well as security to an automated and connected world.

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“Through our Trusted Computing Base, BedRock Systems is able to remediate against incidents and provide in-depth defense against nation-state attacks as our technology is being adopted by the most critical industries and governments alike,” said Klaus Oestermann, CEO & President, BedRock Systems. “We prevent the damage and enable continued operations for our customers, ensuring protection even if attacks occur within a contested environment, protecting the people and assets for the world’s most critical applications and systems.”

While the potential business value is enormous, there are significant technological innovations that make the BedRock foundation possible including:

  • Active Protection for existing OS/Applications, no need to port or change
  • Fine granularity lockdown based on policy for Applications, OS/Kernels and Communication
  • Zero Attack-Surface Protection within the formally secure foundation that’s invisible to the attacker

BedRock Systems was founded by Ashar Aziz, founder & former CEO of FireEye (FEYE), Bob Tinker, former founding CEO of MobileIron (MOBL), Osman Ismael, previously a founding member of FireEye, Alexander Damisch, previously of WindRiver, and Udo Steinberg, previously of Intel (INTC), FireEye and CYMOTIVE Technologies. They are joined on the leadership team by Klaus Oestermann, CEO & President who, prior to joining BedRock, was an avid startup investor and Officer & SVP/GM, Citrix (CTXS) Networking Division (NetScaler), John Walsh as SVP Business Development and Strategy, formerly of BlackRidge, Analog Devices (ADI), Sypris, and Ducommun and James Chen, VP of Engineering, previously the head of Safety & Security, DiDi Labs, Shape Security and Aruba Networks.

“Our vision for BedRock is that all mission critical workloads for government and enterprises will be built and run on BedRock’s formally secure computing foundation,” stated Ashar Aziz, Board Chairman and Co-Founder of BedRock. “With the launch of BedRock’s foundation for formally secured computing from edge to cloud, we are the first to bring the most secure software that has ever been commercially built, with verified correctness of the software and freedom from associated software defects. By embedding Active Security measures within an unbreakable TCB, in the form of a formally correct hypervisor, BedRock is taking security to a level it has never been at before. This represents a fundamental advance in the state of systems and software security.”

BedRock has also secured a high-profile list of advisors including Robert F. Lentz, former Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense Information Assurance, Cyber, and DoD CISO, Kirstjen Nielsen, former Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Adam Chlipala, Associate Professor of Computer Science at MIT and Abhishek Chauhan, CTO/Founder of Granite and former Citrix Fellow & CTO.

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BedRock was incubated by Wing VC and Ashar Aziz. It is backed by leading venture capital companies in Silicon Valley such as Wing VC, Kleiner Perkins, SE Ventures, the venture capital arm of Schneider Electric, as well as prominent cybersecurity founders like Ashar Aziz and Shlomo Kramer Checkpoint Founder (CHKP), Imperva Founder and former CEO and Cato Networks Founder/CEO.

“BedRock represents a foundational shift in computing. It is the world’s first and only commercially available solution to make mission-critical workloads invulnerable to cyberattacks,” said Gaurav Garg, founding partner, Wing VC. “Safety and security are now board-level topics for all industries, and companies who are BedRock’ed will have an unprecedented level of security capability, maturity, and confidence.”

“As we embrace the shift of devices to become software-defined, and workloads to the cloud, Bedrock Systems is on a mission to protect the world’s most critical devices and infrastructure,” stated Ted Schlein, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins. “By creating BedRock’ed systems and delivering an unbreakable foundation technology, they are improving overall security posture for all.”

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