BigID Launches First Freemium Privacy-on-Demand Platform With

BigID Launches First Freemium Privacy-on-Demand Platform with

BigID, the leading data intelligence platform for privacy, protection, and perspective, today is introducing, the first freemium, pay-as-you-go, privacy-on-demand SaaS for companies without dedicated privacy offices. enables organizations of all sizes to automate and intuitively manage the customer privacy experience, preferences and consent management, and privacy requests.

The Forrester Report “The Future of Data Security and Privacy: Growth and Competitive Differentiation” cites that “While the high costs of fines, lawsuits, breach remediation, and IP theft are damaging, even more damaging is the erosion of trust that occurs when customers or employees lose confidence in an enterprise’s commitment and ability to protect their privacy and personal data.”

BigID will be demonstrating, the proactive privacy management solution for customer trust, at the IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit today.

As data privacy and protection regulations continue to evolve, 87% of consumers say data privacy is a human right – and 91% of consumers say corporations should take the lead in establishing corporate data responsibility.

SMBs lack the legal resources to address the complex challenge of data privacy management and compliance, yet consumers and legislators are demanding increased responsibility from companies.

Read an Exclusive Interview: Keeping Up with the Evolution of Threat Actors with Jason Wagner , VP of Identity & Digital Intelligence at Constella Intelligence, is designed for organizations that don’t have dedicated offices to meet data privacy and protection regulations, but want to satisfy regulatory demands while enhancing customer loyalty and trust.

Built by BigID, a pioneer in privacy technology, offers marketers and non-professional privacy project managers a simplified way to deliver their customers compliance and privacy preference choices while automating critical activities like data rights, consent, and cookie management.

“Small and medium sized companies – and those without full time data protection staff – often hold sensitive data but struggle to keep up with the complexity and rapid changes in privacy regulation.” said Jules Polonetsky, CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum. “Services for the mass market that are affordable and easy to use like are essential and timely, given that 70% of companies have fewer than 6 employees who manage data rights processing.

Key Features include:

  • Customize a branded, central privacy portal for your customers: with privacy and preferences management built in
  • Automate updates and notifications to put your customers privacy first
  • Create a delightful customer experience – and bring privacy to the people
  • Fully secured and automated with built-in identity verification, reporting and analysis

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