Bizmindz’s adds an email validation plugin to the Antideo suite of products

email validation plugin

Committed to the future goal of providing a set of powerful tools for SMB’s at affordable costs, Bizmindz Technologies has launched an email validator plugin for WordPress websites on September 7th, 2020. The plugin is obtainable in two variants i.e. a free version and a premium version.

Antideo may be a powerful and user-friendly real-time email validation and get in touch with form spam protection plugin that’s fitted to WordPress sites with contact forms. The plugin is best fitted to WordPress websites of any size regardless of the quantity of traffic, to stop scammers and spammers sending fake inquiries using fake email addresses.

Antideo’s Chief Operating Officer Bibin said, “The plugin was developed supported tons of feedback from prospective customers who wanted to use our email validation service but neither had the resource or time to integrate our API’s to their website. We designed the plugin to be very easy to use, keeping in mind nontech users but still providing them with strong email validation capabilities out of the box.”

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The plugin interface is layman-friendly with explanation texts that creates it easy to navigate. The interface helps configure the plugin with simple ‘click to activate’ buttons to show on the capabilities of the plugin, the dashboard also provides an insight into the number of validations done by the e-mail validator.

The Antideo Email Checker features a number of features that employment in real time when an internet site visitor fills up a contact form, geared towards reducing fake inquiries. the first capabilities offered by the plugin are

Email syntax validation
Disposable email check
MX Records check
Free email check
Generic email check
Local whitelist of emails and domains
Local blacklist of emails and domains

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The plugin is often downloaded and installed from the WordPress plugin repository directly on to a WordPress website with none technical help. There is help available on the Antideo website with step by step instructions for activating the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory and also doing it manually.

The Antideo Email Validator is an efficient solution to scale back spam that comes through contact forms that find yourself wasting valuable marketing resources. the answer works in real-time in order that the visitors filling up the contact form get a mistake message immediately, pushing them to enter their valid email address. The plugin also allows the users to comb out free emails from ESP’s like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. also as role-based emails like admin@, support@, sales@, etc, this specific feature comes in handy for websites selling B2B.