Partners with Schellman in a Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Cybersecurity Compliance and Advisory Services, a leader in cybersecurity and cloud services advisory, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Schellman, a renowned provider of attestation and compliance services. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step in enhancing cybersecurity and compliance offerings in the industry, combining’s technical prowess with Schellman’s established expertise in audit and compliance. is celebrated for its team of Cyber Samurais, who bring decades of experience in designing and securing global infrastructures. Their expertise in cybersecurity engineering and cybersecurity across US and international standards makes a distinguished player in the field. This partnership with Schellman is poised to harness the strengths of both organizations, delivering a comprehensive suite of advisory and compliance services.

Bhanu Jagasia, Chief Technology Samurai at, comments, “Partnering with Schellman is a strategic move towards bridging the technical proficiency gap in the cybersecurity sector. Our past experiences have shown a synergy in our approach to excellence, making this alliance an obvious choice. We’re excited to integrate our technical advisory capabilities with Schellman’s compliance expertise to offer unparalleled services to our clients.”

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Kris Martel, Chief Security Samurai at, adds, “This alliance with Schellman is more than a collaboration; it’s a convergence of shared values and visions. We admire Schellman’s dedication to quality and are eager to bring together our technical acumen and their compliance insights to provide holistic cybersecurity solutions.

“Teaming up with marks a significant milestone for us at Schellman,” says Michael Parisi, Head of Client Acquisition at Schellman. “’s reputation for technical innovation and their proactive approach aligns seamlessly with our goals. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our service offerings, allowing us to offer our clients an integrated approach to cybersecurity and compliance that is both cutting-edge and reliable.”

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