Blockbit Unveils News On Its Cybersecurity Platform

Blockbit Unveils News On Its Cybersecurity Platform

Blockbit, a Brazilian company specializing in the cybersecurity market, announces the upgrade of its global cybersecurity platform with new advanced capabilities for identifying, mitigating and preventing threats. Blockbit Platform 2.3 has new solutions to optimize users’ routine and, especially, maximize digital data protection on local and cloud networks.

Among the novelties, highlight the Blockbit Cloud Sandbox, a new generation tool that analyzes all types of records and programs in an automated way, in search of suspicious or malicious points – even the newest ones. Developed by Blockbit Labs experts, Blockbit’s high-performance lab, Blockbit Cloud Sandbox combines concepts such as Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) to test and classify threats broadly before these agents even reach users’ networks. Such measures are important to keep up with the progressive sophistication of malware and successfully detect them by adding a layer of threat protection beyond the perimeter of the environment.

“Our big goal is always to extend user security by preventing risks and threats from even reaching network points. In this sense, the highlight of the new version of Blockbit Platform is the intelligence we embark on to attack, defend and prevent threats. We have brought enhanced versions of our VPN capabilities, important news to our New Generation Firewall and reiterate our commitment to mitigate vulnerabilities that may be exploited by cybercriminals,” says Lucas Pereira, Product Director at Blockbit. “We understand that evolution must be constant and uninterrupted, so collaboration to innovate is part of our DNA. Blockbit Platform updates demonstrate efforts to always provide the best resources to counter threats to organizations’ data integrity.”

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The executive also highlights the launch of the Next Generation VPN Client, the VPN AnyWhere / Anytime, which enhances the security of its virtual private networks, the VPNs (Virtual Private Network). The novelty allows users to access their secure networks from the connection of any type of network protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP and/or DNS), and always with support for different languages.

“Now, when the user turns on the computer, it already establishes the connection to the VPN transparently and automatically, ensuring security in all accesses. This means that users no longer need to start and activate the VPN button to have protection. That is, VPN works directly, even on the most different types of connections. This is a big differential,” pereira says.

With a complete approach to digital security, blockbit’s cybersecurity platform upgrade also features a new Virtual Domain (VDOM) feature, which enables the creation of one or more virtual firewalls, with separate configurations for routing and VPN services. The novelty brings benefits such as continuous security, physical space and energy savings, improved transparent mode configuration, and more flexible Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) configurations.

Another novelty is that the solution now allows blockbit’s physical appliance to be divided into several virtual firewalls. In this way, it can be used in environments where hardware deployment is difficult or impossible, such as in Public and Private Cloud based environments; software-defined networks (SDN) and software-defined long-distance networks (SD-WAN).

The update also brought other important novelties, such as the verification and validation of firewall policies; allow the creation, editing and import of signatures for IPS in Snort format; recurring reporting scheduling; IPSEC VPN: Google Cloud; IPSec Blockbit to Cisco VPN integration with Xauth authentication, among many other innovations.

“Other novelties are the dynamic objects sent by Blockbit Labs to the customer. Thus, Ip, network services, or site addresses are shared to make it easier for the user to set up. In this way, for example, you can release WhatsApp individually if there are restrictions set. It is easier to create an exception rule. Previously, the customer needed to search for lists of internet network addresses to do this. Blockbit sends this ready-made information and updates these objects daily with the information,” pereira adds.