Blockchain – Appreciate the Human Minds Behind the Success of the Technology

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Blockchain is one of the most popular technology in today’s world, and the credit goes to the brains and efforts behind it, which have ensured the development and efficient execution of all Blockchain applications.

The growing popularity of Blockchain technology needs to be attributed to the people who refused compromise and continued to persevere despite the regulatory uncertainty and criticism.

The unsung heroes of Blockchain have carried the technology to the ranks of the mainstream prominence that industries currently enjoy are:

Blockchain Leaders and Entrepreneurs – Blockchain development has been the foundation of digital payments. The credit goes to the persevering Blockchain entrepreneurs and developers, who have enhanced their coding expertise to execute the Blockchain applications efficiently. Since access to formal education or training in the Blockchain is scarce, the talent pool has been utilizing online communities and resources to self-learn and refine their skills. The industry owes the massive prominence of Blockchain technology and its application to these coding geniuses and Blockchain entrepreneurs.

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Crypto Miners – The entire Blockchain environment and architecture functions through mining. With the rise of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies era, professional crypto miners have become more prevalent in the industry. Mining is not just a process of digging for cryptocurrencies; it is a process to ensure the decentralized security of the Blockchain. The miners play a crucial role in securing the network and in processing every crypto transaction efficiently without depending on a central authority, like the banks. Miners have played a truly vital role in the mass adoption of the Blockchain technology by recording and validating the transactions on a global ledger. They compete to solve posing mathematical problems created by the hash algorithm of cryptography. It is only after the miners solve a problem that the transaction is validated and deemed confirmed. The efforts of crypto miners are very often forgotten after they receive Bitcoin or another crypto for their efforts, but without the cumulative hard work of miners, ensuring immutable transactions on a distributed ledger, the Blockchain architecture would never be established globally.

Blockchain Marketers – Without the rigorous efforts of marketers and communications specialists in the field of Blockchain, the Blockchain community would never be established. Marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, community managers, and other communicators in this field have been instrumental in helping the masses comprehend and adopt the Blockchain phenomenon. Technology alone could be intimidating for the end-users. With the Blockchain professionals collaborating, the masses warm-up for the technology to unleash its real prowess and potential.

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Blockchain Legal Consultants – Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain have always been controversial topics. From fighting the battle for crypto acceptance to looking after its regulations, ethical development, compliance, and deployment – the legal experts from the field of Blockchain have been the pillars of support and strength for the technology to grow and bloom globally.

Any technology, whether it is AI, ML, automation, or Blockchain, is only successful because of the efforts taken by humans behind its development and adoption. All technologies are born out of human brains and are aimed to ease out the work of humans. So, before applauding a technology, it’s important to appreciate the efforts of the people who have actually made it possible.

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