BluBracket Joins Forces with Snyk to Secure Software Supply Chains from Source Code Risks

BluBracket Joins Forces with Snyk to Secure Software Supply Chains from Source Code Risks

BluBracket, the leader in code security, announced today that it’s joining Snyk’s Technical Alliance Partnership Program as a founding member and will integrate Snyk’s Open Source security product into its Code Security Suite, providing developers and application security engineers one comprehensive way to find and remediate code risk.

Code powers the economy, and Snyk and BluBracket respectively help developers and application security professionals harden the software supply chain and keep code and development environments safe. Snyk is the leader in developer security and ensures companies are able to secure all the components of modern applications. The Snyk Open Source solution enables developers to find and remediate upstream vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies, but supply chain risks don’t end with the open source dependencies included in projects.

BluBracket’s internal supply chain security tools include detecting secrets and other sensitive content in code, auditing and enforcing git access and configuration, and tracking and alerting when code leaves the organization. Together the two solutions provide a comprehensive way for developers and AppSec engineers to secure their code, pipelines and development environments and deliver a complete picture of their code health.

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Snyk and BluBracket have a history of collaboration via the Linux Foundation’s LFx security project, which provides vulnerability and secrets-detection for the open source community and is used by many of the largest open source projects.

“The industry needs comprehensive code security solutions that make it easy for customers to secure their code both upstream and within their own internal development teams,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “The combination of Snyk and BluBracket will deliver results for enterprise companies, just as LFx has helped open source communities secure their code.”

In light of recent attacks on core software projects and the White House Executive Order calling for improved software supply chain security the need for a comprehensive code security solution is clear.

“The continued collaboration with BluBracket will deliver a critical piece of the code security puzzle for customers,” said Jill Wilkins, Senior Director, Global Alliances. “We share a developer-first approach and are excited to welcome BluBracket to our new TAPP initiative. Both Snyk and BluBracket understand that the key to securing code is to give developers tools they want to use. An integrated solution will help developers and security engineers understand and reduce risk more efficiently.”

“Snyk is clearly the trailblazer and leader in developer-first security,” said Prakash Linga, CEO of BluBracket. “By integrating with their Snyk Open Source solution, we will give our customers—most of whom already use Snyk—an efficient and comprehensive solution for code security. We are proud to be a founding member of their Technical Alliance Partnership Program.”

The integration with Snyk will be available to BluBracket customers by the Summer of 2022.

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