BluePrint Data’s Calls for Classifying Ransomware and Internet Security as National Security Priority

BluePrint Data’s Calls for Classifying Ransomware and Internet Security as National Security Priority-01

BluePrint Data, the leader in high quality, OEM, integrable Internet Security is joining a growing number of companies and entities that are calling on the worlds governments to classify internet security as a national security issue. BluePrint Data OEMs software and systems that allow providers and companies to lock their users into a “walled garden” of known websites that have been reviewed and marked as safe by human reviewers (not bots, AI, or automated technology). In addition, BluePrint Data offers security features businesses use to protect networks from all kinds of outsider intrusions, viruses, hacks, and ransomware making it an integrated solution for all cyber security needs.

National security includes anything that directly impacts economic stability and the ability for a countries economic capability to operate unimpeded. These are necessary part of national security — and that includes an internet free of ransomware and other attacks. A recent article by Fahmida, features editor at Dark Reading, “Why Classifying Ransomware as a National Security Threat Matters” discusses how Government actions can, among other things, starve attack groups of the resources such as money, ability to recruit, and time.

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BluePrint Data’s human reviewed website database, the world’s largest list of 100% human reviewed and categorized websites, covers 99% of the active web. By locking users into only websites that professional web site reviewers have designated as safe you can assure, they are safe and protected. Add to that integrated tools to eliminate web-borne malware, viruses, and malicious content and you can create a safe space for workers.

The Most Trusted Website Content Authority in the World
BluePrint Data specializes in providing high quality Website / URL Filtering, which makes them the most trusted Website content authority in the world. In fact, other Internet Filtering companies’ contract with BluePrint Data to complete web site / URL content reviews to improve their filter databases or when their automated technology can’t determine a website or URLs content.

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