BlueVoyant expands its portfolio of services in Europe

BlueVoyant expands its portfolio of services in Europe

The appointment of a new CEO for Europe will expand BlueVoyant’s regional footprint in 2021

BlueVoyant , a cybersecurity services company, today announced the appointment of Gyorgy Robert Racz , President of Europe, as it plans to rapidly expand its suite of cybersecurity services to clients and clients. potential across Europe.

BlueVoyant experienced exponential growth in its three main lines of business in 2020. These included managed security services for 24/7 detection and response within customer networks; cyber risk management, providing a third party risk management supply chain, providing defense of the investment portfolio and third party risk supply management chain; as well as professional services, providing incident response, defense assessment, brand protection, and threat intelligence.

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BlueVoyant is already significantly building its capabilities in Europe to facilitate further expansion and stimulate business growth in Europe in 2021. The appointment of Gyorgy, who has extensive experience in cybersecurity, will enable BlueVoyant work closely with clients, partners and prospects who are looking to improve, expand, accelerate or establish their own cybersecurity offerings, with the help of BlueVoyant.

Gyorgyes is a prestigious cybersecurity advisor, as well as a former director of IBM Security Europe. As a business leader and executive, Gyorgy has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, covering Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Europe, achieving important transformation projects for major clients in finance, telecommunications and the public sector in these territories. Prior to this, it started with IBM’s Central and Eastern European Security Unit, converting it from undeveloped land to a leading industry developer. Before moving toward cybersecurity, Gyorgy held various leadership positions in information management, software ecosystem, and professional services.

“Our expansion in Europe and the appointment of Gyorgy allow us to put our feet on the ground to help our clients with the implementation of ‘hands-on’ type for cybersecurity solutions in the region. This empowers us to deploy a tremendous level of support and expertise our customers expect to get from BlueVoyant, “said Robert Hannigan , President of BlueVoyant International.

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“This is a very exciting time to join BlueVoyant; the potential for building a sustained world of global success in Europe is enormous. I look forward to working with existing clients and their prospects, guiding them to a variety of cybersecurity and business challenges they face, ensuring that their businesses and vendor ecosystems are protected from a rise in sophisticated threats, “added Gyorgy Robert Racz , Managing Director for Europe, BlueVoyant.

“Europe is of vital strategic importance to BlueVoyant. That is why expanding our presence in the region is vital to meeting customer demand and fueling global growth. This is the first of many appointments, as well as We continue to build our capabilities and resources for 2021, “concluded Jim Rosenthal , co-founder and CEO of BlueVoyant.