Blumira’s New Cloud Connectors Speeds Up Cloud Security Deployments From Months to Minutes

Blumira's New Cloud Connectors Speeds Up Cloud Security Deployments From Months to Minutes-01 (1)

Blumira, a leading cybersecurity provider of automated threat detection and response technology, today announced the availability of Cloud Connectors, a new feature that ingests log data directly from third-party APIs for fast and easy setup of Blumira’s platform with Microsoft 365Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Duo Security.

Time to security is more critical than ever – the longer it takes to contain a breach, the higher the financial impact. Breaches that took more than 200 days to identify and contain resulted in 35% higher cost for organizations, at $4.8 million on average, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report.

Yet many security solutions, including security information and event management (SIEM) tools, are so complex they can take several months to deploy, lack essential detection and response capabilities, and require highly-skilled security teams. As a result, organizations often give up on SIEM projects altogether, leaving critical security coverage gaps.

“Blumira’s platform shines a spotlight on security issues we normally would not see — we would love to get it deployed to 100% of our client base,” said Adam Thomas, Director of Cybersecurity, Path Forward IT, a Blumira partner. “As a managed service provider juggling both security and IT, we’re excited to leverage Cloud Connectors to make customer setup even faster and easier for our team.”

To solve this problem and continue on its mission to make security accessible for all, Blumira developed Cloud Connectors to significantly reduce the complexity and time to security for small and medium-sized organizations. Now IT teams can directly connect Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform with their cloud applications to get security insights in minutes with out-of-the-box, pre-tuned detections. Once connected, Blumira collects log data from customers’ cloud applications, analyzes it and notifies organizations of indicators of an attack in progress — and provides next steps for easy response.

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“The time from a threat actor’s initial compromise of an environment to the distribution of ransomware is getting much shorter,” said Matt Warner, CTO and Co-Founder of Blumira. “Cloud Connectors help users stay ahead of the curve by rapidly accelerating time to security, offering the ability to detect and contain threats early enough to prevent widespread damage.”

With Cloud Connectors, organizations can gain insight into critical security threats faster than ever before, reducing the average time to insight from 1-3 months to 5-15 minutes. This helps decrease the risk of a data breach to reduce business disruptions and unexpected costs.

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