Brivo Delivers Enterprise Security Solutions to Global Customers Including Afterpay and Angi

Brivo Delivers Enterprise Security Solutions to Global Customers Including Afterpay and Angi-01

Brivo – the global leader in cloud-based access control and smart building technologies that recently entered into a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPTK) – today announced that its comprehensive enterprise security solution, Brivo Access Enterprise Edition, is being used by some of the biggest companies in retail, home services, and data, including Afterpay and Angi.

“Large enterprise organizations face unique challenges managing their corporate facility footprint across multiple locations. Brivo allows them to manage everything in one place. We help them understand space utilization and occupancy trends across their portfolio and how to enable the hybrid workplace. Our vast partner ecosystem provides many options for add-on capabilities,” said Steve Van Till, Brivo’s founder, and CEO. “With more than 20 years of experience serving this industry at scale, Brivo is the proven choice with an established track record of cybersecurity that enterprises trust.”

As businesses evaluate their physical security cloud technology, full security ecosystems that span access control, mobile management, mobile credentialing, video surveillance and identity and visitor management are becoming an operational imperative. Cloud technology allows building and property managers to bring all of their physical security and cross-functional security systems together to create an integrated, data-driven, technology-forward platform. For enterprises that have multiple locations, Brivo’s cloud-based security technology allows them to manage more sites and open more locations in this increasingly hybrid-first world. Over 70,000 locations across 42 countries rely on Brivo’s enterprise security solution to achieve their objectives of securing their employees, customers and visitors.

“Brivo’s system goes beyond just access control and offers us a complete enterprise solution,” said TJ Garber, security manager at Angi. “As someone who manages the program across multiple sites and different states, we know we have a strong partner in Brivo for reliable, accurate data and access control.”

Liz Russell, workplace team lead at Afterpay, added, “Since the pandemic, Afterpay has been trying to tackle the task of occupancy tracking for our spaces. Brivo is the only system that gives us accurate, raw data of who is actually scanning into the space, which is now a very important metric that we count on for reporting.”

Brivo’s enterprise security solution features several new innovative technologies, including Brivo Snapshot and Anomaly Detection. With Brivo Snapshot, customers can flip through a “photo album” of single frames derived from a video associated with an access event without having to watch a full 30-60 second recording for each event. This enhancement saves customers an incredible amount of time over the course of a day. Brivo Anomaly Detection’s AI engine learns the unique behavioral patterns of each person in each property to develop a signature user and spatial profile, which is continuously refined. This dynamic real-time picture of behavioral changes complements static security protocols, permissions and schedules.