Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP Launches a Cybersecurity Services Practice

Buchbinder Tunick _ Company LLP Launches a Cybersecurity Services Practice

Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP, a leading CPA firm, has launched Buchbinder Information Technology Solutions (BITS), a suite of cybersecurity services for small and mid-size organizations. BITS is designed to help clients assess inherent and residual cybersecurity risks to their organizations.

BITS core service combines a detailed cybersecurity controls analysis with a system vulnerability scan using the Nexpose Rapid 7 utility to provide a client organization with a comprehensive cybersecurity risk analysis and recommendations to improve their overall cybersecurity control structure. This innovative approach addresses both process level controls as well as the overall technology environment. The services are designed to give clients a fast turn around and summarize the results in an easy to understand cybersecurity risk report.

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BITS can also provide services to address any identified issues including penetration testing and IT strategy and consulting.

“Now more than ever, organizations need to be able to identify, assess, and manage information security and cybersecurity risks. From multiple regulatory requirements and industry-based standards to the global pandemic, risk analysis is a critical component to business continuity and cybersecurity management,” said Marc Niederhoffer, Managing Partner at Buchbinder. “As part of the firm’s commitment to further support our client’s needs, we felt implementing BITS was important for their growth.”

Buchbinder has formed a team of professionals that are fully equipped, experienced, and committed to assisting clients with their cybersecurity needs with BITS. The team brings a wealth of experience in technology to lead this practice and contribute to the success of Buchbinder’s clients.