BUFFERZONE Introduces AI-Based Anti-Phishing Solution to Strengthen the Cyber Protection for Enterprises, SMEs, and SOHO


BUFFERZONE, a provider of next-generation endpoint security solutions that protect organizations and individuals from advanced threats such as ransomware, zero-days, and phishing scams, has officially launched its new anti-phishing solution aimed at evading disruptive phishing campaigns.

BUFFERZONE Anti-Phishing is a lightweight browser extension based on state-a of-the-art algorithm providing a security solution powered by BUFFERZONE’s novel artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and detection suite. The solution extends BUFFERZONE’s browsing protection beyond endpoint containment and content disarming to include defense against threats stemming from users falling victim to malicious phishing campaigns.

BUFFERZONE Anti-Phishing combines state-of-the-art technologies, including brand detection, image context understanding, natural language processing (NLP), language translation, protocol analysis, static page analysis, dynamic URL sandboxing technology, and BUFFERZONE’s Threat Intelligence.

The new solution, which will be available for beta users in the first quarter, defends against credential theft, scareware/dynamic content (fake virus alerts), social engineering scams (credit fraud), and other phishing abuses.

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“The solution adds another layer to our award-winning virtual endpoint containment and content disarming technology and prevents malicious phishing attacks that are common and dangerous threats in today’s internet,” said BUFFERZONE CTO Dr. Ran Dubin. “This is a major milestone in our efforts to fulfill our vision of providing a secure workspace and remote work protection.”

“Cybercriminals favor using phishing attacks as they do not require much effort and are still very effective. More than 80 percent of international organizations report that they have experienced such an attack,” said Israel Levy, BUFFERZONE’s CEO.

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