Canonic Security Launches AppTotal

Canonic Security Launches AppTotal_ a Free Sandbox for Enterprise SaaS Apps-01

Canonic Security, a cybersecurity startup protecting SaaS business applications, today announced the launch of AppTotal, a free community offering enabling security analysis of any SaaS integration, third-party app or add-on. AppTotal lets organizations profile the permissions, posture and behavior of third party apps before connecting them to IT approved applications. It is the first independent and continuously updated index of SaaS add-ons and integrations, starting with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365/Azure and Slack, with Atlassian, Salesforce and others coming soon.

According to Canonic Security, enterprises have hundreds of unique third-party integrations across their business platforms on average, with some going over thousands. More than a ⅓ have data access and more than 5% have at least one vulnerability exposing the organization to third-party risk.

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Canonic Security, which offers industry-first dynamic scanning technology for SaaS apps, is addressing this emerging threat landscape by offering AppTotal for free, as part of the company’s ongoing strategic initiative to democratize enterprise SaaS security.

“For the first time in the industry, anyone can quickly look up any third-party app OAuth client ID in a publicly available and familiar search experience,” said Boris Gorin, CEO of Canonic Security. “This brings the familiar experience and tools that support threat analysts and security engineers while investigating network and endpoint threats and artifacts into the emerging landscape of SaaS-native attacks”

Recently coming out of stealth, backed by notable investors, Canonic is dedicated to maintaining AppTotal as a free community tool, so that any organization can effectively assess apps, integrations, and third-party add-ons they connect to the business platforms powering the enterprise.

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