Celerium Partners with RH-ISAC to Support EX-RH2021 Retail, Hospitality, and Travel Industry Cybersecurity Exercise

Celerium Partners with RH-ISAC to Support EX-RH2021 Retail_ Hospitality_ and Travel Industry Cybersecurity Exercise

Celerium Inc. announced today it is partnering with the Retail and Hospitality ISAC (RH-ISAC) to support the EX-RH2021 cybersecurity exercise happening in June 2021.

EX-RH2021, the retail and hospitality sector’s first industry-wide cybersecurity exercise, will be hosted by RH-ISAC in conjunction with DHS/CISA, the sector’s leading trade associations in the retail, hospitality, and travel industries, and with participation of federal law enforcement.

This virtual exercise will involve a scenario with impacts designed to challenge participating company’s incident management and escalation, operational decision making, cross-disciplinary coordination, executive decision making, and external communications. The scenario will contemplate the impacts of compromised information and business technology including point-of-sale and reservation/property management systems.

The exercise scenario will be conducted during a 5-hour period that will be broken into three waves of impacts, artfully allowing for a final two-hour exercise period enabling senior-level executive participation alongside all other exercise participants in their enterprise.

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Celerium has agreed to provide all EX-RH2021 participants with complimentary access to a sector-specific Cyber Defense Network portal featuring a feed of relevant cyber threat intelligence regarding threat activity and vulnerabilities related to the retail, hospitality, and travel industries with context that includes high-level overviews, mitigation recommendations, and indicators of compromise (IOCs) and related observables that can be downloaded and used for analysis to improve detection. Additionally, RH-ISAC will leverage the Celerium portal to share custom reports and other information relevant to the sector’s interests.

“We’re pleased to have Celerium involved in this important moment for the retail, hospitality, and travel industries,” said Carlos Kizzee, Executive Vice President of Intelligence Operations and Legal Affairs at RH-ISAC. “This exercise will help participants exercise existing enterprise policies and processes and allow the sector to mature its security practices and coordination among stakeholders including the federal government, law enforcement, and companies across the industry.”

“Smart decision making during a cyber incident requires a good source of cyber threat intelligence, and the ability for a community to share information quickly and efficiently,” said Tommy McDowell, General Manager of Celerium. “We’re excited to support the RH-ISAC in the EX-RH2021 exercise.”

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