Certinal Plans to Secure Worldwide Transactions

Enterprise-grade Digital Signature Solutions from Certinal to Secure Transactions around the Globe-01

Certinal is an intelligent signature solution that powers Digital Transaction Management at global organizations—now deployed with leading large enterprises across the USAEurope, APAC, and Australian markets, including Nissan, Graphic Packaging International, JEA, Brookdale Senior Living, Kajima Overseas Asia Pte. Ltd, and many more, Certinal is a proven platform and will be of interest to organizations looking to move to digital signatures at an enterprise level.

The history of 1st generation e-signature products is rife with patchwork solutions for local legal compliance that either compromise on customer experience or become commercially unviable in the long run with pay-per-sign models. “With Certinal, you get the sophistication of a global solution with local trust and compliance. Switching to Certinal will prove to be a game-changer. Digital transformation merits mass adoption across all segments of a business, without worrying about IT security, local legal compliance, and ease of customer use,” says Aatish Dedhia, Founder and CEO of Zycus and Certinal.

Certinal is the way forward for businesses to go completely paperless. It records all critical transactions across enterprise verticals; sign and manage agreements, contracts, or other enterprise documents (such as health records, employee contracts, target and incentive plans, etc.) in an easy, safe, and legally secure manner.

As a future-ready solution, Certinal addresses vital challenges of the customers and puts: –

  • Live photo & video identification at the core for advanced signing compliance
  • It seamlessly integrates with national ID verification processes mandated by many local governments.
  • Cognitive assistance provides neat little auto-summaries of contracts, or signature, name, date, and title auto-tagging, that provide ultimate customer delight, spurring adoption.
  • Certinal platform is already backed by 4 patent-pending process designs in signature workflow, smart assist, predicting and moderating signature locations.As more companies subscribe to different e-signature solutions, there is an increasing need for trust and transparency in such
    e-signature / digital signature providers. In continuation with this, Certinal announced that it has, with EY’s assistance completed the compliance assessment with the following laws, standards, and guidelines for its “Certinal eSign”. This independent validation of compliance standards, laws, and guidelines is particularly crucial for customers in highly regulated industries.

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    • Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) – United States1
    • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) – United States1
    • Electronic Transactions Act 1999 – Australia1
    • Electronic Transactions Act Victoria, NSW, South AustraliaQueenslandWestern Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, – Australia1
    • Electronic Transactions Act Singapore1
    • EU eIDAS established in July 2014 covered only SES1
    • UK eIDAS incorporated in December 2020 covered only SES2

    Note1: No exceptions were noted
    Note 2: Assessed by Certinal general counsel

    Certinal uses services and technologies from third-party vendors like Amazon Web Services, Inc to provide hosting services and DigiCert, Inc.- as a Certificate Authority (CA), compliant with FIPS 140-2, FIPS 186-4, and ISO 9594-8 standards.

    Certinal offers flexible commercial structures best suited to each company’s unique usage and requirements, thereby delivering a compelling business case. Certinal is easy to deploy and integrates seamlessly with most CRMs, HR IT systems, Contract management systems, etc.

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