CloudApp announces analytics and advanced security features for its business community

CloudApp announces analytics and advanced security features for its business community

CloudApp, recently named a top 50 product by G2 for the 9th quarter in a row, today released analytics a new feature that makes its core offerings more robust. CloudApp, which enables capturing instantly shareable videos, GIFs, and screenshots, also added View-Only Users and other security features on an Enterprise level to improve collaboration and license management.

CloudApp also announced its pending SOC 2 certification continuing its commitment to security for its customers, along with domain lockdown which enables a company to ensure all users are joined to one central account, for greater admin control over enterprise-level accounts.

Viewer analytics helps teams better understand engagement on both internally and externally shared content. Skip the long emails and meetings by sending a quick, bright, and easy video instead.

“With Analytics, our customers will be able to get the insights they need, to spend time where it matters most, and to make better decisions.” Said Scott Smith CEO of CloudApp.

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New features for CloudApp

  • View Analytics: see total view count, percentage of video viewed, list of viewers, time content was viewed, and the option to export to a spreadsheet.
  • View-Only: enterprise teammates will be able to invite anyone to see their shared content, collections, and to engage through comments.
  • Domain Lockdown: enterprise accounts will be able to manage licenses, maintain security, and view shared content at a domain-level
  • SOC 2: pending certification will give an added layer of security for enterprise customers.

The newly released version of its popular screen recorder, screenshot, and GIF creation tool is downloadable for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Chrome.